Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Webzine Plans

1. go ahead and make a banner, if you would, please, sir! make something that looks "professional". Brew's is nice, but we need something simple, streamlined , and magazine-like for this.

2. we need web space on which to host this. any ideas, guys? we might need to all front a little cash ($5 max).

3. The site is not interactive, so we can't just go to it like the blog and type stuff in and post it ourselves. but, it's a start. What we can do is just email all our articles to me or whoever decides to be the Webmaster. Or post all articles to the blog (after spell check and editions have been made!!!) and it's a simple matter of copy/paste to the site and saving it to the server (quite simple).

4. I labeled the pages just to have something on them. So, these are all subject to change. For instance, we can change "Entertainment" to "Music" or whatever. Y'all just let me know.

Let's work this out. We already have the product. Now, we just need to put all the info into it. Let's decide who wants to do what and go from there. We also need deadlines. Do y'all want this to be bimonthly, monthly, weekly? Let's do something we can definitely handle at first. Then go from there.


bigsip said...

Jamison had a WONDERFUL idea that will keep all of our articles centralized, allow us to have an archive DB, and will make doing a web page MUCH easier!

All we do is use the web page to link to SPECIFIC blog posts! That way, we only have to add links to the page and everything is kept on the blog.

We can archive on an "Archive Page" by just listing groups of named links by category.

This will be an easy, cool way to make it a pretty good webzine!

We still need space, though.

Diana said...

So we are keeping the blog as it is and creating another webzine? I don't think I'll be involved because I don't have anything intereting to say.

bigsip said...

Aw, Di. You can post an article anytime you want.

We're centering it (for now) around self-made adventure type stuff. Sort of a back-yard adventure site!

There are only so many people who can afford to go on elaborate adventure vacations. So, I figure the rest of the folks who can't afford it will be looking for inexpensive, fun suggestions for things to do close to home!

I think it has tremendous marketing potential. Once we get it going, we could even approach sponsors or advertizers wo would like to advertize. Bike shops, movie stores, outdoors shops, and many other types of backyard adventure related businesses could participate!

But, if it doesn't go anywhere, at least we had fun!

Diana said...

I'm sorry if my last post was snippy. I'm stressed out. I think the site looks great and it will be really cool to see it get going. I'll help with whatever I can.

Diana said...

We are keeping this blog how it is, right?

bigsip said...

Yes...We're keeping it the same. We'll just link to individual posts for the Webzine.

That way, we have the blog for conversations, updates, and professional stuff, but we only use the Webzine-related pro stuff for the Webzine.

Kills a whole flock of birds wiwth one stone that way!

Sorry you're stressed :(. Is it school stuff? Hang in there!

Diana said...

Oh ok. Groovy.
School and work. *sigh* I'm ok, I just have a lot on my plate. I'm off all day on Saturday, too, so I have something to look forward to. And I'm only a manager for another month, so thank goodness that's almost over with!!!

Brewster said...

the only issue I have with this, is that it would really effect the look of the website. If all you are doing is linking to the blog, then you are having a very minimalist look to the zine itself.

bigsip said...

There are pros and cons to doing it this way. Here's how I see it.

Pros: Easy to maintain archive, Easy linking/updating, More liklihood of participation, Direct feed/contact with the blog (the interlinking allows us to get more traffic to the blog)

Cons: Less professional looking, Possibility of info gettingg lost/misplaced/broken links, We don't have full control/ownership of the site

I personally like the idea for a start, and we won't get the archive ability unless we do it this way. Once I or someone else learns how to do this internally, we can shift everyhting to one site.

Brewster said...

A good start Sipper would be to go through the blog archives and link up anything appropriate.

bigsip said...

Yeah, we need to split that up...

Everyone go through, find your own appropriate stuff and email me a list of links with descriptions.

I can't do this all alone. We have to be a team to make this fly.

Good suggestion, Brew. Y'all go get em!