Thursday, September 29, 2005


Last night I skipped church due to feeling rather lousy. My 6 month cold has begun this year, and my head was thus full, I was coughing like crazy, and generally just wanted to lay down. So, I vegged out in front of the TV.

Normally I don't watch much television. I watch movies on IFC and TCM, and occasionally flip for awhile, but I don't have any shows that I turn to each week.

In the vegetable phase I watched the first two episodes of this seasons Lost. Holy crap! That was good television. I had no real idea about what the show was about before I began watching other than it was about a bunch of people trapped on an island. And I was a little confused at first about what was going on, but I was quickly hooked.

For a show that could easily be some crap Survivor remake, or cheesy like Gilligan's Island, or even something like Lord of the Flies, Lost does a great job of making its own drama.

While some of it is a little overly sentimental, especially the flash back sequences, it creates enough plot twists to hook you early on.

A great example of this was in the first episode, where several of the survivors sail out on a raft to find help. They think they see another boat and send up a signal flare. When they reach the other boat they are greeted by rednecks who demand that the survivors give them the 12 year old boy with them!

Gripping stuff that kept me watching both episodes back to back.

I hate to admit it, but I'll be tuning in next week to see what happens.


bigsip said...

My Mom LOVES that show! I have never watched it, but hear stuff about it from this guy at work.

Sounds very interesting.

Jamison said...

LOST is good... check out the new one, about a sea monster... NBS is leaning towards movie-driven TV, which is good. Lost had me hooked for a while too

bigsip said...

I thought it was on ABC...No matter....I do hear it's good, though.

Diana said...

OMGosh! I absolutley love that show! It's fabulous. Charlie and I are addicted.
I strongly reccomend you rent or buy the first season so you can get caught up on their back stories.

Brewster said...

Is that the one after Lost. Invasion or something. Aliens after a hurricane? It was pretty good, but not as hooking as Lost.