Thursday, September 15, 2005

Daily Affirmation part 2

Josh mentioned in a comment how he loved the hang in there baby poster scan i sent him....
for the rest you yall, here is it... let it inspire you to be hard workers in your field.

And below, a little inpirational picture of the good doctor playing his guitar... and below it, a fun excert from that particular episode...

Dr. Katz: (slowly picking a small tune on his guitar) "I'm gonna pick... a little, a little guitar here..."

Laura: (says nothing, looks on, bored)

DK: (Still playing slowly, softly) "Do you... do you know why I, I'm gonna pick a little guitar?"

L: (Dryly) "why?"

DK: (Starts up a tune and sings) "I'm just a guitar pickin' fool, fresh out of guitar picking school... lookin' for a guitar pickin' gal."(short pause) "I bet my guitar pickin' life she'll be my guitar pickin' wife, and we will pick our guitars, teeth, and drool."

L: (Looks on, bored)

DK: (Still singing, appears to be breaking into the bridge of the song) "Well, sometimes ya kno..."

L: (Stops him abruptly) OKAY!


bigsip said...


Brewster said...

Do you have a larger file of those pix. my office needs some decoration.

mullinz8 said...

too funny.

Jamison said...

thats as big as the come mi amigo