Friday, January 18, 2008

general rambling

There is a reason why after first seeing the show Quantum Leap I fell in love with it. I remember thinking about how much I wanted to be lost in time and thrown into a new situation everyday. Trying to find a way to fix something or help someone or simply to experience a moment in someone’s history that might change their life.

I’ve not changed anyone’s life in my job but I like to think that the stories I get to tell might help nudge someone else to change their life. I don’t work with interventions or reality shows but I do get to tell stories that mean something. When I show a story with the production staff of my show and they pause or take a deep breath to hold something back or laugh out loud or even roll their eyes because of some absurd angle I’ve taken I realize someone “out there” might do the same thing.

I’ve been in restaurants and head someone talk about a piece I’ve done and to hear them say they liked it is a good feeling.

There’s a long list of things that I’ve seen and had an opportunity to do that not everyone gets to and there is a much longer list of things I’ve yet to do.

In the end I’m blessed by a loving God to give me these moments. Still my greatest gift is the understanding that what I’ve done is nothing without that God standing by my side and pointing me in one direction or another.

I love my job but it’s nothing compared with the story of love and amazment God has to share with me.