Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mullins and his standup act...

I won't go into detail about his act. I doubt even if he had much of it written down so I don't expect I will remember it. If you know the man and spent any time with him, you'll know it was funny. I laughed. I faked a few just to get the audience going, but most of the laughs were genuine. I didn't want my pal to hear crickets up there!

I love the old bast. Go to my webshots page by clicking here to see him in action. I will have some video clip links up later this week as well.

Friday, April 28, 2006

A Freak Happening

On my way home from work today I’m stopped at a red light at an intersection between 2nd street and highway 37. Both streets are always very busy, and on Friday afternoon just after 5 o’clock, they are crammed with traffic.

So, there I am waiting at the red light amongst all the other saps trying to get home for the weekend, when out of nowhere this big, fat tire comes flying out of the sky. It was a good twenty feet in the air at it’s peak and came crashing down right onto the back windshield of this little silver car.


The window went out with an explosion of shattered glass and panic. The tire then leaped back into the air, crashing down onto the trunk of the next car then rolled across the rest of the road resting at a curb.

Looking around I couldn’t see any car crash or anything else that would indicate where the tire came from. It wasn’t like there was some wheeless auto lined up on the exit ramp, or a big truck hauling tires. Absolutely nothing around that could have lost a tire.

The lady in the car was unhurt and pulled to the side of the road. The rest of us drove off quietly, stunned into silence at the sheer oddity of it all.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I am sorry, but I must share this via blog...

Our blog has really gotten classy, I know...

But I have to share this with all my c of C buddies... especially you Sippie-pooh...

Song leader game

Obviously made by a member of the church...

My fave lines "Just make sure there are no men around", the quote from Billy Grahm: "But where are the intruments?", and best of all "Go ahead and sing all 4 verses!"

Weighing In

Planning to ship a couple of boxes to some friends in France, my wife asked me to help her weigh them to get an idea of how much this would cost. Having only a bathroom scale and the boxes being to big to fit on them we decided I would weigh myself, and then I would hold onto a box – the difference between me and me with the box should be the weight of the box.

200 pounds!

How can I weight 200 pounds?

It’s true I have been weighing in at about 190 pounds for the last several weeks, but where did the extra ten pounds come in?

The blame lies somewhere at the office. Like so many others I have a job that keeps me sitting sedentary for most of the day. The hours of sitting are moved along with mouth fulls of junk food: carbonated soda, salty chips, chocolate bars and doughnuts.

I have a moving and rather odd shift that doesn’t allow for too many daylight hours in which I can be active. By the time I do get home, I’m often so exhausted that all I want to do is sit on the couch and vegetate.

Even on a day like today when my shift gets off early and I start the day with plans of eating right and maybe hitting the gym on my way home I am sabotaged by the local vending lady and her pies.

As a way to say thank you for using her services, she brought in a dozen or so lovely, delicious pies. Chocolate pies, lemon pies and scrumptious, coconut cream pies.

How could I resist?

It’s like this all the time. Folks go to Steak and Shake and pick me up a caramel vanilla milk shake. The boss brings in pastries for a Friday morning meeting. One of the supervisor orders pizza for her meeting. On and on it is a steady stream of sugar, salts and fats paraded in front of my useless will power.

I used to live on the other side of town and so would bring my lunch to work. I’d spend the rest of my lunch hour taking power walks down the sidewalk. I now live about a mile away and take the five minute drive home for lunch. Which means I check my e-mail, and play a quick game of Zuma ending my hour with a quick meal and absolutely no exercise.

200 pounds of this and I have got to find a better way. I have vowed to take my lunch to work each day, a sandwich or a salad. I’m ordering an i-Pod which I plan to fill with good tunes and some audio books which will motivate me to walk again. Then I’m swearing off sodas (again.) Sodas are killer. I despise coffee so soda has become my method of choice for my caffeine addiction. If I can manage to get over the three day hump of no caffeine and convince my body I wake up better, and healthier with a glass of juice or some herbal tea.

I’ve always known I’d never make a good muscle bound stud. I don’t have the personality for it. Seeing that scale tip the 200 mark has punched me in the solar plexus. If I can’t be on the cover of Muscle Magazine, I hope I can at least lose a few pounds and become more healthy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Burns, Carlin, Mullinz.

So the subject of motivation was sort of broached discussing the horrible missed opportunity of Jamison doing nothing with his illustrating talents. Considering myself somewhat picky in the world of artsy things there are very few things that are so simple and can actually make me break a smile than his this style of cartooning. BTW I’ve added your Hippo to my web shots screen saver.

At any rate this is about me… Eventually I get tired of things, actually I get pretty fed up quickly sometimes, somewhere my beautiful wife is nodding. On a professional front this happens about every 12 days. Out of this I’ve attempted some projects. The golf thing is sitting in a financial black hole and other ideas have been shelved, adjusted and are pending. I’m talking to two different people on Friday about work prospects. I pushed myself and am still slated to go to Africa in July to do some producing. It’s happened again.

I’ve got an old friend who has been doing some MC work at a local comedy club. Actually I know that Jamison and Brew met this guy when he showed up in Montgomery on a cook out night, his name is Josh Phillips. We’ve had some falling outs and have managed to still talk with each other from time to time. Anyway, A local comedy club guy had an idea and asked a mutual friend of his and Josh’s, a guy named Blake Clark , for some help. Blake’s first recommendation was Josh. The club guy contacted Josh and asked him if he might be interested in something. After agreeing, Josh was asked if he knew anyone else that might be a natural fit for this little venture. The first words out of his mouth were “M… Mullinz!”

April 29th I’m going to be doing a segmented 20 minutes of stand up and shtick for a local comedy club’s kid’s night. It’s the club’s first venture into this world and there is no way to know how this stuff is going to be received but when I met with the club guy he was far more impressed with me than Josh. Josh did some old puppet stuff which was more like a class than a gag and I was just joking with the guy and doing pretty well. I’m going to do some clown stuff along with some guitar improve junk I used to do back in the day.

Anyway, this will be a real paying gig on a stage and I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do. I know a few physical gags but who knows what else might happen?

The point is this, I could have said no and backed away without interest but I would have always wondered what might have happened. This could be a one shot deal or a once a month deal, which the club will determine. Don’t let these gifts pass you guys by. Sipper you wrote your book and you’re getting some nibbles, I’ve been a goofy dork for a long time and it might finally pay off for at least one night. Each of you guys has a gift follow you heart and hunt that illusive thing you want. Sometimes you have to get it like my trip to Africa sometimes if you do something long enough it comes to you.

Someday you'll be old and can't do what you can now and wonder what you were so afraid of. Plus Sipper and I are going to be tired of you guys riding around on our coat tails.

Sometimes, It's Not God

I've had this discussion with other people, but don't think I've ever brought it up here.

Many times in our lives, when things get tough, we tend to tell ourselves, "God is testing me." or "God is just trying to make me stronger."

However, have you ever considered that perhaps God is not the one who is involved? I don't mean to say that He isn't there and we can't rely on Him, but there are examples in scripture where God let's Satan take hold of us in some way. The best example is probably Job.

But, consider this passage from the NT:

Luke 22:31- The Lord said, "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan asked to have you, that he might sift you as wheat, but I prayed for you, that your faith wouldn't fail. You, when once you have turned again, establish your brothers."

Have you ever been "sifted" by Satan? Can you tell the difference? Is it any different than being tested by God? What do y'all think?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I've done a lot of soul searching lately. Knowing you have time limitations and trying to find employment is stressful (many of you understand). Since I've started looking, I've lost 25 pounds. I've even tried to start eating more lately and it doesn't seem to help. I've needed to loose the weight, but now I can't say it's because I diet and exercise. It's because of stress.

I've looked high and low for a good job. Something that even pays close to 2/3 what I make now. Pensacola is not an easy market to crack. Maybe I've been too picky, but I know there are certain things I would not want to do. I think the problem has been, that the one thing I don't want to do everybody wants me to do.

I've been praying a lot lately. Talking to God has given me a great deal of peace. Although he has not answered my prayer for a job yet, he has quickly given me hope every time I've asked. Specifically, when I've been down, I've asked him to just send an interview along, just to keep my spirits up. He's answered in the affirmative every time, generally the same or very next day. He's waiting for something; it could very well be me. I've tossed around:

1) Maybe I've done something wrong
2) Maybe I'm supposed to finish something first.
3) Maybe I'm not listening
4) Maybe it's just not time, etc.

For those who don't know, I've been given until June 30th by Dave to find something. After that I'm on my own. Jodi and I have sold our house and we are renting it back until then or until I find employment. If June 30th comes close and no Job is in sight, we are moving regardless. There is no reason to stay here. Jodi's Job is based in Pensacola anyway. And at least down there I can more actively search.

I've prayed that God would not let it come to this, but He may have other plans. All I can do is trust Him. And try to be patient.

Monday, April 17, 2006


No real blog here, just a funny picture...

Had my roof done last week. 98% of the work was done by 4 hard working, honest hispanic men. They arrived at 11am. and after they ate, the laid down in my front lawn and fell asleep. I snuck up to my window, ipened the blinds, and snapped this shot...

Interesting story ...

They made every effort to avoid messing up my gutters. My wife and I got back from fishing Saturday morning and the 'english speaking one' came to me and showed me the gutter damage. It was bent a bit in a small area and I was sure that it would not affect the drainage ability of the gutters.

I said "okay, no biggie" and went back inside.

Half hour later my doorbell rings, there is the "english speaking one" with his wallet in his hand. He asks MS how much the damage would cost me. I am like "Ummm, I have no idea". He pulls out a $100 bill and hands it to me. I say "Um, are you going to be reimbursed for that?" He says "No." I ask him if that is his personal money and he says yes.

I tell him to keep the money and tell the owner it doesn't bother me a bit, "Go buy your crew a big dinner tonight." That was pretty honest of him. He was troubled by the damage he caused. I saw why it happened; These guys carry TWO shingle packs up the ladder at a time...

Because I don’t want Jamison and Sipper carrying the weight I’ll add a bit more to the fold. Bill Wiese Hell Testimony

So I was on a conspiracy website, I can see Jamison crack a smile now, and one of the captions said something about some guy having been in Hell. Being interested in all things spiritual and others POV I decided I’d take a minute to see how cheesy the site would be.

It was a cheesy site but what I found was a very timid guy who doesn’t seem comfortable talking in front of a crowd and sincerely believes that he spent time in Hell.

I tend to go back and forth on people who claim to have had such fantastic experiences. After having watched the whole thing I still have one thought, why do I question something like this? This guy has tons of BCV quotes to support why he’s not crazy and actually went into Hell that sound very reasonable.

Why do we, as a body of believers, decide to consistently ignore that there is a battle going on for our souls.

No one on this blog questions the existence of Satan and his sway over the world around us so why does he get largely ignored?

Perhaps, just perhaps, we don’t know the true inner workings of God and he does communicate with those who he chooses. I mean this guy’s story is the exact same stuff that we can read about in the Bible and believe whole heartedly. Yes, Jesus changed a lot as far as salvation goes but he also set in place that as Christians we need to SHARE our faith and experiences in order to get other people to believe.

I’m beginning to think that by not addressing this issue we are creating and perpetuating the idea that everything is fine and good and that we shouldn’t be too worried as long as we keep our nose to the Biblical grindstone. There’s more too this though…

Why don’t we believe this guy, why shouldn’t we believe this guy? Are we too afraid to think God communicates with others before he communicates with us? I’m not talking about faith healing (which I should post about a dream I had last night) or speaking in tongues but some something else that is not clearly definable. Jesus never said once you apostles die you’re gifts will die with you. Is the Holy Spirit that gave them their gifts not the same one that we receive after the washing of our sins?

There are places I remember...

Last night I was telling my wife a story that I shan't ever forget (At least I hope not. I am forgetting more and more each day). We were talking about how we wish we had a swimming pool (We do this all the time every summer). I told her how one time, when Sip and I were riding our bikes through Montgomery (Which we did often), and were very hot.

We rode our bikes to Gazebo East apratments. We took our shoes, socks, and shirts off, and jumped in the pool and swam a bit, got out and rode back to our apartment (Though we may have lived on campus at this time.)

I love that simple story, and I love the simple pleasrues of life we all got back in the day. It got me to thinking about our friend Chuck.

Here is a man who was the first of us to leave college (Okay, he got kicked out, but who is counting?), the first to get a real job (which we all envied), first to get married, first to live in a cool home (duplex), etc. He was becoming the first grown up of us all! He never left Montgomery. Neither did I. Perhaps that is why news of him leaving Montgomery saddens me so. Were me and Chuck the closest of closeness? Not really. I ironed shirts for him in college, but he paid me a dollar to do it. I told him one time that the Coke machine was spilling out wuarters and he ran faster than I had seen a mad move in a while, to the coke machine, coming back with a tee-shirt full of quarters... but recently (thanks to our monthly get-togethers with him and Sip) we have grown a bit closer. He was the first man I went to when I found out my wife might have a miscarriage and he prayed with me and comforted me and gave me a soda and some candy. We go out to eat together more too.

The man is leaving, sometime soon. He is leaving a town he hasn't left in 12 years and I have been here the whole time with him. So him leaving will leave an empty space inside me. I likened his leaving to when Mullins left college. I brought this up friday night when we got together. The setting wasn't all that different either. We were outside, candles burning, a fire going, we had drinks, snacks, music and there was alot of smoke in the air...

I said that when Mullins left, here we were, 5 (well 4, chuck wasnt there) guys that really looked up to this clown. The man was our hero! And with little warning (we felt) he was gone. I thought I would never see the man again. He left a candle that Sip had made burning in his room, his empty dorm room, and that was that. So here is Chuck, leaving us as well. On to better things of course! On to being closer to family and on to better job prospects (And on to a better state; no income tax).

I wish the man NOTHING but the best, but wish that life could stand still sometimes...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Baker's Mark

I was browsing Preditors and Editors today and found a literary agency that looked like a good fit. The only electronic means by which I could submit was a web form that allowed only one sentence. So, I sent the first sentence of my query letter:

The young man only knew himself as Runaway Swimmer, an up-and-coming Cherokee leader, until his surrogate mother, Walking Wind, told him otherwise.

Here's the response I received from the agent:

It is quite possible that you are the first writer who has intrigued me with one sentence. I would very much like to see your manuscript. Could you please send the first 100 pages, with a synopsis, a bio, and a SASE to the mailing address below? I look forward to seeing more from you soon.

All the best,
(name deleted)
Literary Agent

I mean, Holy Cow, man!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Coosa River Craziness

This past Sunday, we had our 'evening' services at 1pm, special speaker, lunch, etc...It felt great to set up for lunch, eat with everyone, then all work together to clean up and meet again to study more... felt very 1st century-esque... though I was worn out by 1:10pm... and the song leader (Sipper) had us stand up more than I could handle... anyhow, I digress....

Afterwards, me and a friend at church named Mark too his bass boat to the Coosa river. This is the river that runs through Wetumpka. The boat ramp we used is no more than 10 mintues from my house in a nice park set up by the city (See the ferry boat in the picture on the right, that's where we put in at.)

As we got to the boat dock Mark asked me if I want to get in the boat as he backs it in the water. Having never driven a boat (And not wanting to make a test drive on a $10,000 boat that isn't mine) I declined. He asked if I wanted to back the truck down the ramp... same reasons, I said no. He said he would back the boat in and I would just hold a rope tied to the front of the boat to hold it till he parks and comes back... little did I know that rope was very old and frayed...

I get by the boat and unhook it from the trailer. It takes me 10 or 20 seconds and Mark says "Don't untie that rope!" I said "I am not!" because I wasn't...

I get the boat unhooked and grab the wad of rope... he backs the truck in and the boat floats away. As I am giving it slack, the boat is not taking andy slack... I stare at the boat and in slow motion I am thinking "There is no rope connected to that boat..." Mark yells "I told you not to untie that rope!" I stare, amazed at what is happeneing... "GO get my boat!" Without thinking I march into the waters of the Coosa. I pay no mind to the temperature. But immediately feel my shoes filling with water... pants clinging to my legs, underwear getting soaked, and not water up to my chest. I try to push the boat back by kicking my legs... no good... I climb onto the boat and sit in the drivers seat... I look at the controls like I am sitting in a 747. I look back to see if Mark is there to guide me... he isnt, he is parking the truck...

I turn the key, seems simple enough... nothing... I try again...nothing...

I see Mark and he says "Put the trolling motor down!" Ah! Trolling motor, yes! I know how to use one of those! I go to the front of the boat and realize this trolling motor is totally different from mine... He yells for me to pull the rope (That unlocks it to go in the water)... i see no rope. Eventually, some men on the bank tel me to go to the back of the boat and pump the motor... I do it... then turn the key... nothing... i look to them desperately and he says "Choke the motor by pushing in the key!" I do it... POWER!

I steer the boat back up river to the dock... Mark then tells me sorry his rope broke...

Meanwhile I am fishing for 5 hour soaked and catch nothing...

Oh, did I mention my cell phone was with me when I went into the water? It didnt work after that. I got it home, put a hair dryer in front of it and today it is working flawlessly... Kyocera... buy one if you need a cell phone.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Breaking up the seriousness

Sorry to butt in on the serious conversation, but you guys have to watch this... if you don't so much as smile I'll eat my hat...

This is why FInnish folks never make it big in the music industry...

Click here

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Judas: the book tour

So I was reading my international TV new email this morning and learned that the National Geographic Channel is going to be releasing some specials documenting the restoration, history and release of the Gospel of Judas.

Apparently this text was found in 1983 and taken out of Egypt without govt approval. This “hot” and ancient text was shopped about for a number of years because no one wanted to cover the price tag of its restoration not to mention the association of purchasing stolen goods.

One way or another NG decided they would sink a ton of money into their restoration in order to secure publishing rights and a slew of other media type locks on the content, though they obviously can’t claim ownership of the source material, also someone else already did that.

I found a write up about references made to the newly restored Gospel made in the 4th century and 6th centuries from Bishops of the time giving the document some historical authenticity.

Here are a couple of passages from the write up that discuss the stories in the Gospel from
“Hardly anything is known about the document's contents "other than a few personages" it names, said Robinson, identifying them as the mythological figure Allogenes (literally, "the stranger") known from some Nag Hammadi texts, and Satan, Jesus and Judas.”

“…the last six pages of the Judas document describe a heavenly scene in which Allogenes is being tested and tried by Satan, followed by an earthly scene in which Jesus is being watched closely by scribes. At one point Judas is told, "Although you are evil at this place, you are a disciple of Jesus." The last line of the text says, according to Hedrick: "And he [Judas] took money and delivered him [Jesus] over."

“For Robinson, the significance of the Gospel of Judas has to do not with first-century history but with second-century mythology. Still, he offered these half-serious reflections in his closing remarks last month: "Where would Christianity be, if there had been no Judas, and Jesus—instead of dying for our sins on the cross—had died of old age?" he asked. "So: Thank God for Judas? Even the most broadminded among us would call that heresy!"

The last of these remarks is a bit interesting. Yes Judas did a very bad thing but God being God don’t you think he knew that already.

It seems that we take the whole Judas thing as a surprise and are as betrayed as Christ was when in fact Judas was doing what had been prophesized about since the beginning. Jesus knew he was going to be crucified and wasn’t looking forward to it; he knew who was going to be responsible for it too. The Gospels have several accounts where the Pharisees were discussing and planning a way to get the Messiah but never followed through until Judas.

Very interesting…

Monday, April 03, 2006

Odd Gig

Saturday, the little group of Bluegrassers Jamison and I hang with played a gig for a ladies day.

Now, this doesn't sound very strange at first read, but this gig was held at a Methodist church building out in Eclectic (close to Wetumpka).

Imagine how backwards it felt to be a bunch of church of Christ guys playing Gospel BG for a room full of Methodists...

Strange to say the least.

A couple of highlights were George Jones (our "leader" of sorts) told the old 3 religion joke where dude goes to heaven, St. Pete shows him a room where folks are partying, he asks what's with them, St. Pete says it's the Baptists...second room same thing except it's the Methodists...third room, though, everyone's dead silent...guy asks why...St. Pete says, "Keep it down now. That's the coCers thinkin' nobody's here but them!"

Second "funny" was when we sang "Angel Band". At the end, we always cut the instruments and sing a stirring 4-part harmony chorus. Clyde Hall (interestingly enough, distant kin to your's truly) made the comment, "That's how you do it church of Christ style!"

Both instances drew chords of laughter...

In any case, it went well. We were complimented repeatedly and fed some mighty fine steaks and chicken.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pics of our recent get-together...

If anyone wants the full-size version of any of these (For printing, or what-have-you) let me know via email!

Click Here For My Webshots Page...