Monday, September 26, 2005

For the Sake of Argument

I posted this to the Writer's Digest forum on which I'm registered:

Want a fun, social, and easy way to keep your writing exercised? Set up a blog with some of your closest friends, or a Flog! After my five male friends and I graduated from college, we all went our separate ways, went into the military, got jobs, got out of the military, went to grad school, etc. We emailed each other for a while, since it was cheap, easy, and readily available to most of us. Then one of our more extemporaneous and adventurous group members discovered that he and his wife, who is finishing her doctorate in French, had the opportunity to live in France for a year. Rather than simply write a journal of their adventures in Europe, he decided to set up a blog ( The vicarious adventures he took us all on eventually led to us starting a group blog ( Ever since, we have posted everything from vacation updates to personal failures, struggles, and triumphs on our blog. I exhort you, dear writers, to form up your little community and Flog your friends. You'll find out more than you ever knew (sometimes more than you want to know) about them and have daily, even hourly opportunities to spread those writing wings!

Maybe we'll all get more traffic. Maybe not. I do encourage the writerly members here to register on the Writer's Digest forum, though. You can writer, read, and discuss there. I go there daily and I love it!


mmullinz8 said...

Cool post Sipper, now I fear that you too will become a blog nazi and goose step your will upon your friends.

Just kidding.

Brew and Sipper I love you guys and love the motivation to twist, cajole and turn this blog into something we can all be proud of. I’m happy the way it is but perhaps there are things we can do to sweep up the world in our own little crusades.

bigsip said...

I just have fun with it! I love this blog because it covers so much ground. That's fun to me.

If we're going to do something "professional" it ain't gonna be on blogspot. The only way to go pro is to have your own web space and have it designed and marketed to draw people in.

To me, the blog is for fun, taking it up a notch will mean investments, in both time and money.

Maybe we all we need to do is make a firm commitment to do something more. It would take some time to get it going, but might be someting amazing!

What do y'all think?