Thursday, September 15, 2005

Requested Disney Blog

Day 2, Monday 8/22 (pictures included in original, see my blog)

All day at MGM. No problem because of sit-down shows and a stroller-nap. Awesome first whole day in parks. We started out early and walked on everything, no lines. Never needed FastPasses for Rockin' Roller Coaster. FPs for Tower of Terror were nice to have a couple hours into the morning. Walked into Little Mermaid. Ariel was not very good. I wanted to jump in and show her how to sing "Part of Your World." I'm not sure if she was trying to put her own spin on it, but the rhythm was all wrong. But Luke was enthralled. Loved it overall.

Walked into Playhouse Disney while Jamison and Larissa went to Indy. Jamison got to be an extra. While waiting for them to get out of Indy, under the "Big Hat", Mickey Mouse comes right up to Luke and he gets a little one-on-one time with the Big Guy. Most magical moment of the whole trip. Completely unexpected, unplanned. Mickey, of course, is Luke's favorite. BTW, the big Sorcerer's hat is a great place to sit for a break. Shady and several secluded benches. We had lunch at Backlot Express. Excellent Mediterranean food. My favorite counter service meal. We planned the rest of the day's shows from here.

Walked in to Beauty and the Beast, near front on left side. Great view. Awesome show. Walked into Millionaire. I was next in line for the Hot Seat but the show ended!!! Argh!!! I tried again by going around and back in to the next show, but still didn't make it. Lesson learned: Random guesses seem to always get the Hot Seat on Fastest Finger. I did get in the top ten by actually answering once. But mostly it's luck. Your only real chance for the Hot Seat comes in being first during that first round. There's usually only time for 2 people. I guess they get 3 sometimes if somebody loses early. Also, this is dangerously addictive. The rest of the trip I kept thinking, how can I get back to Millionaire?

We rode a couple FastPass rides while Luke took his stroller nap (thanks to Jamie and Rissa for watching him). Walked right on RnR even in the afternoon. Chalk it up to previous night's EMH. TGMike's Best Days make a huge difference! (Check out his site and you'll see what I mean!)

Had plenty of time to hop over to Epcot for a World Showcase counter service dinner. Server in China apparently did not understand about my MSG allergy, because she said they "didn't have it" but I had the reaction anyway. Food only fair, what you'd expect from any Chinese place.

Park-hopped back to MGM for Fantasmic. Luke was not scared (as some toddlers are), but he doesn't scare easily. This was truly an amazing show. Very crowded though. Changed the poor kid's poopy diaper in the middle of 5000 people. Crowds only a slight problem when "mobbing out". You get a great view from anywhere.Back to hotel.



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