Monday, October 31, 2005

Christianity and the primordial ooze

Brew brought up an interesting point which I think can merit a bit of delving.
Collectively the members of this blog adhere to a fairly strict set of “guidelines” established without an ecclesiastical hierarchy. We all agree that through the diligent searching of Biblical texts the “church” as we recognize it is set up in a good way.

During the Crusades, Exploration (insert conquering) of new worlds, and various other tumultuous times throughout the “Church” (note: C, big C) history. During these eras Christianity was spread much in the same way as Islam and that’s by conquering the guys who didn’t believe the same thing.

Though it’s been proven time and time again that the four gospels are as accurate as they could be having in some cases only being written a decade after the crucifixion if not sooner that bad stuff has happened in the besmirched name of God.

In bypassing the historical “Church” do we have the right to claim a new “church” based on the evolution of the practitioners of this sect of the modern church?
My point is this. I don’t consider the faith of those who enacted the crusades, witch hunts and other murderous activities a part of my “church” because of their perception of of Biblical texts. Those folks followed a man not the words, actions and deeds of the Son of Man.

The worlds most dangerous blog

This blog is the worlds most dangerous blog. How so? Well, for one thing, we do two things that you are taught to never do socially:

1) We talk about religion
2) We talk about politics

These topics are frowned upon in our society because they are two topics that people feel strongly about and are not likely to change their opinions about, hence, arguments come up.

I personally dont like to bring these topics up, even among friends. Debates are fine, but when we get close to arguing, I dont like it. I try to stand my ground and my positions, but I typically get drowned out by conspiracy rhetoric or "if that is bad, then this is bad" arguments, and it just turns into a circle where we end the argument feeling the same way as we did when we started, accomplishing very little.

However, one thing I like about us as friends. Though these topics are heated, we avoid two dangerous things:

1) We don't take personal attacks at each other
2) We don't call each other names

An outsider may see our blogs and think "How can these people be friends?" But then they will notice that there are no personal attacks on one another.

I will say this;
While the political and religious blogs are annoying, they do allow me to think more. Particularly the religious ones. That is a good thing.

This is NOT a call to stop all religious and political comments. It is just something I noticed. That good life long friends can have heated arguments and not have any personal attacks on each other. I noticed NO girls were posting in some of those posts which made me assume they either had no clue as to what we were talking about, or afriad to get in the middle of the 'fight'.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh right where art they rebuke?

OK so a friend was on a “Christian” rant yesterday and I called him out hard. I couldn’t sit and go through these rash generalizations massing the Christians who have screwed him over personally and the ones screwing over everyone from Pennsylvania Ave.

Here is one of his points which I think is pretty valid. From day one W has touted his Christian values and a fairly conservative agenda, no worries. 1st term closes on the heels of 9/11 and an active threat of continued terrorism.
Hunkering down under a conservative based, all American, God fearing, American morals, Fight for Freedom banner the second term rolled into office with less than stellar numbers, yet ready to spend some political capitol. The Christian right had utilized and moved in mass to re-elect W with no questions. Christians needed and must have a believer in the white house during these trying times.

Some time later the great white hope of Christian freedoms and smaller government has been riddled with the admission of going to war based on incorrect information, nepotism, cronyism (I’m happy to learn this is an actual word), hovering indictments, botched Homeland Security and FEMA appointments / restructuring and inadequate actions, a surging debt and plunging economy, continued outsourcing, environmental damage and over 2000 solemnly distributed American flag our great Christian leader takes little to no responsibility, when he gets called to the mat he seals records like in the early case of his National Guard duty his pappy got him in TX to prove one way or the other that he actually showed up for work or not. W never actually said one way or another he said he remembered reporting for duty but never said, yes I was there, he simply sealed the records.

Should a Christian choose people with a shady business background and interests to be his VP. Should he have no say in who walks the halls of the white house under his appointees? No he can’t screen everyone but Rove and Libby, really he should have better control over his cabinet. His approval rating is in the tank and still there is no outcry from the Christian supports of the guy. He has lied, sent scapegoats to the slaughter along with unprotected soldiers while his cabinet is involved with enough shady business to be under several different investigations of wrongdoing.

W’s predecessor may have been a horny bastard but he didn’t send children into a unwarranted conflicts and position the American economy atop a financial bubble that wiggles, jiggles, shimmies and quakes at every minor problem.

How does the guy continue to get support from the Christian right? I think that aside from holding the title of most vacationed president in history (undisputable fact) he need to say on vacation, when he is things don’t get as screwed up as when he tries to go back to work.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vice President is for Torture

Scary stuff boys. Scary stuff.

So what say ye pundits of the cafe. Should the US violate Geneva Conventions to protect us from terror? Can we do basically whatever we want to keep us safe?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Totaled or not totaled, that is the question...

Jodi, got in a wreck a few days ago...What is this going around in our group? I think we are the third so that should make everyone else safe ("bad news travels in threes"). No-one was hurt and it was her fault (If you want more details scroll).

Well, We did not think it was as much damage as it looks like it is. The repair estimate is somewhat high, and it might just be over the threshold. We are waiting to hear and I will post as we find out more. We may be in the market for another car. Stay tuned!

Accident Report:
She was turning across Vaughn road from where the French Quarter Cafe used to be. She saw it was clear looked the other direction to make sure it was clear. Started going and by that time someone else had turned from the other shopping center into a lane she was about to cross...on thing lead to another bada-bing...bada-boom. She was at fault.

"I Heard an Old, Old Story..."

I taught a class at our last congregation that was all about singing and songs.

One of the things I did during the very first class was ask what every person's favorite worship song was and why. Some people smiled as they told everyone, some broke down and cried. In subsequent classes, we'd sing two or three songs and discuss the scriptures that went with them.

In any case, I was wondering the same about you guys. What's your favorite church song and why?

I'll start.

My fave is Jesus, Rose of Sharon. Part of the reason I love it is that we are speaking directly to Jesus when we sing it. "Jesus, Rose of Sharon, Bloom within my heart. Beauties of they truth and holiness impart."

Also, I appreciate that it brings in the symbolism of Jesus as a "Rose of Sharon". The term "Rose of Sharon" is used in Song of Solomon by the male writer to describe his wife. Song of Solomon has been referred to as the story of Christ's love for us as well.

Sharon is a place in ancient and modern day Israel that is the most fertile plain in the whole region. It receives regular rains and produces beautiful, strong, healthy crops. So, a "Rose of Sharon" would be considered the most beautiful, strong, and fragrant flower ever held.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pumpkin Carving

We had our annual pumpkin carving party last night. Come on over to see all the pumpkins and the winner of the contest!


Today in chuch, Tony said that there was a study done and out of all Christian churches, the church of Christ had the highest rates of depression.
He mentioned a reason why, but I want to hear your thoughts.

Friday, October 21, 2005

prespective blessings

So I’m comfortable in my little world I have a nice roof over my head a beautiful wife and loving, healthy children and a good job. Suddenly I get a whim and buy a lottery ticket, out of the blue, the odds seem so out standing that taking the whole thing seriously is silly. A day later I get up and check the numbers to find that I’ve won 340 million in cold hard cash.

Could this not be providential in some way? God allowed Satan to test Job’s character and resolve. Who am I to question God allowed tests or blessings either way. For some the test could come in calamity, a hot intern, drinking, statue or wealth. For others blessings may come in health, family, well being, friends, or maybe even a measure of wealth.

I do keep that whole eye of the needle comment in mind while I’m writing this. I also keep in mind the perspective of financial wealth being based TOTALLY on one’s perspective and situation. To some, my paycheck is far more than what they make and they could envy that, while I look around at the execs in this building and realize their wealth is attractive to me.

There are some minor arguing point I’m leaving out to see if they find their way in later.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I just won 340 million!

I’m practicing what my blog title will be tomorrow…

Well at lunch today I’ve picked up my Powerball ticket and damn if it doesn’t smells like a hot one!

200 million and above is the only time I get interested in playing the silly thing and I really couldn’t think of a better way to waste five bucks, yes aside from in the collection plate... This jackpot is 340 million! I saw that if you were to take the lump sum, after taxes it would be $160 million in one check! Not bad really. I can’t remember how it breaks down if you take the winnings over a number of years but the payout is 20 years.

So if lady luck shines on the Mullins family tonight I would like to choose a second option for getting together in March, perhaps it might be nice to hang out on our newly purchased private island or our mountain villa in Hawaii. Air and travel expenses will of course be taken care of.

Hitting the jackpot is a 1 in 146,107,962 odds.
But if you’re interested in following along here are my numbers.
(isn’t it a wonderful guilty pleasure…)
1, 18, 33, 35, 43 & 26
8, 12, 15, 33, 47, & 23
3, 10, 29, 43, 54, & 18
2, 11, 12, 26, 53, & 8
7, 17, 31, 39, 45, & 13

So, not that anyone is a sinner like me, but if you were given a massive sum of money what would you do.

First and foremost I’d set up untouchable accounts for a number of my immediate family. All they could do it remove a percentage of money every month ensuring they could not cash out their funds completely and pay off a large chunk of any debts.
My boys would be trust fund kids, collecting interest on accounts allowing a small cash out once they had their degrees. They would also have to have and keep some sort of job.
I would travel the world. I would also set up funds to assist Christian missions across the globe. I would also sickly enough film documentaries about those missionaries and make TV shows. I’m sure Jules would travel with me if only to check out local spas across the globe.
I’d throw a few humdingers and try to make my friends happy too. I’d like to payoff the loan on the church building but who knows if they would take sinners money.

It's a world of fun, it's a world of fun....

Had an odd dream last night and am happy to share it with others...

On my way to work, there is a new neighborhood I pass each day. It is filled with horrible cheap housing (Not just the price, but the way they are made). These homes are ALL vinyl siding, except the front which is nice brick.

It is a horrible looking way for a contractor to save thousands of bucks while still charging a high amount for the home. But last night I had a dream that Larissa and I moved into one.

I have vivid memories of trying to find a place to park my truck so it didn't get muddy. Odd thing was that I was packing things up and taking them OUT of the house rather than putting them in.

I think this may have to do with the fact that the house was fully furnished. However, all the furnishing were horrible, 1970s retro furnishing.

All the carpet was light blue shag. All the decor was tacky. There were hanging lamps everywhere. But the master bathroom was nice (Although it was in dark blue and yellow tile).

On either side of the furnished king sized bed were two columns that stopped about 2 feet from the ceiling. On top of each one was a large doll, the kind used for decoration. Josh was sitting on our bed as Larissa and I were unpacking. I said to him "Oh no, there are dolls in here" and he laughed and started to act like a robot and singing the "It's a small world after all" song. But he sang it like I do... by making up the words... I just say "It's a world of fun, it's a world of fun..." and so on throughout the song.

Neither that ride nor the song nor the characters on the ride scare me, but when he started singing this song, I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his chest asking him to stop and I stared sobbing uncontrollably. He stopped and looked at Larissa like I was mental, but she of course understood that I hate dolls.

Then I woke up...

Im tearing up now typing this...

Football, Revisited

We discussed all things sports the other day via e-mail, but I have decided to bring it up again through the blog.

I work as collections supervisor for a call center. We have roughly 40 odd employees working on the floor in my section. My desk sits on the floor very close to everyone. This is to say that I can hear just about everyone's conversations.

There is a group of young men, who sit a cubicle row away from me, whom I like to call frat-boy wannabees. This is because they are of college age, but while not in college act like your typical frat boy – they like to party, get drunk, and talk constantly about sex and sports. Mostly sports.

Last Monday they literally talked non stop, for their 8 hour shift, about football. This happened to be the Monday night that the Indianapolis Colts were playing a game. And I live near the heart of Colt country.

But seriously, 8 hours straight of nothing but football talk! That's outrageous. The madness has got to stop.

I can no longer consider myself a fan of any sport. I never watch a game, I'm not interested, I don't care. However, there was a time when I loved sports. In high school I spent my Sunday afternoons watching pro football, and Saturday afternoons were for college ball. Summers were spent watching baseball and trading their cards. I could talk shop, talk smack, and hold my own with any sports related conversation, excepting basketball which I've always hated.

So I'm not a hater. I dig the athleticism of sports. I can understand the rush of the contest, the competition. I even understand fandom. Work is a perfect place to talk about sports because it isn't too personal, you can be passionate about it as a guy and not feel girly, and there is a new game every week.

But, really, guys, find something else to talk about once in awhile. Surely we, as men, have other interests. Movies? Guys can watch movies. Books? Well, that's not too many, but maybe if it was a book on war or something. Geez, what do these guys do all day besides watch sports? Ok, weekends are booked out for football, and Monday night always has a big game, but what about Tuesday through Friday? What are these guys doing? And why can't they talk about it?

These guys are so obsessed they push their luck and get in trouble. Most companies have an official internet policy that forbids internet usage for personal use. Most companies don't really enforce it. As long as employees aren't doing anything illegal, or that could be seen as harassment, they can't check their personal e-mail or favorite websites. As long as it doesn't interfere with their work load everyone is happy.

Due to a number of incidents where our reps were not doing their work for long stretches, say 30 minutes, because they were surfing rather than making phone calls, we have put a pretty firm grip on our anti-internet policy.

Reps are also not allowed to have their cell phones out, due again to abusive behavior.

Yet Monday night the game started, and the boys lost all common sense. Periodically they started shouting out the score, and various bits of information they could only know by using the internet or from their cell phones.

Honestly, I'm not real hard line on internet usage. I realize the job can be dull, and don’t really care if they flip to a site real quick as long as they are still performing their job duties. But, as a supervisor if I catch them I have to follow punishment guidelines. I literally had to tell these guys that it wasn't very bright to announce information to me that they could only gain via the internet.

And then I had to threaten to write the next person who made such announcement up.

It is so bad, I've had other reps complain to me about it. Non stop sports talk is driving us non sporties crazy.

The funny thing is that I have to take the sports talk. Because when the conversation actually does take a turn, it always ends up with crude sex jokes. Something I certainly can't allow on the floor.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Old Stories, Told Again

Hey, I posted the old story about my company getting raided by the FBI on my blog. So in a bit of scandolous selling outtedness, I'm inviting all readers of the Midnight Cafe Discussions to come and read.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Yeah, my Mom works for the Governor

Some of you already know this, but my Mom has hated her job at Colonial Bank for a long time.

She's been looking for a way out, but she needed the job to keep insurance for herself and my Dad. So, she stuck with the job for 11 years through other people coming and going. Even through moving the entire staff out of the building because of OSHA violations and working out of a double-wide trailer for 2 years with little or no security. Plus, her boss gives the trm "jerk" a new definition.

In any case, my Mom and Dad are good friends with the mayor of Luverne and his wife. His wife is in her late 60s and decided to finally retire from her position on the Voter Registration Board.

Long story short, she told my Mom that she'd recommend her, but that it was a Governor-appointed position.

So, she was recommended back in late June, then had to wait all this time until just a few days ago, she got a letter from Governor Riley appointing her to the Board!

In any case, it's a huge answer to prayers and a really cool thing for my Mom!

"Unforgivable, that's what you are...."

This is something that actually bugs the heck out of me. And it is not because it affects me or hits close to home, just confuses me more than anything.

We in the church hear so much about divorce and remarriage. Most of us have the rules down pat I would assume. That isn't the problem. The problem is when we hear a sermon about it and we are told that divorcing someone for reasons not stated in the Bible, are pretty much unforgivable (At least this is the impression I get.)

Murder, forgivable. Adultery, forgivable. Lying, forgivable. Divorcing someone for the wrong reason and remarrying someone else later, hell-bound.

Okay, I understand if you cheat on your spouse, repent, and change your life, you are good to go. Kill someone, repent, change your habits, then you are forgiven. But preachers say things to the effect that if, for example, a man cheats on his wife and they divorce and the dude gets married years later then hs is living in sin. So, the guy can’t move on?

What if someone is not a Christian, and goes through the whole cheating thing, divorces his wife, marries the chick he was cheating on her with, then find Christ and becomes a Christian... even though he is still living/married to this woman, is he still living in sin?

I can understand if someone is shacking up with someone else, and they get baptized and saved and all that they are doing wrong if they CONTINUE to shack up with the boyfriend/girlfriend. But is a man/woman supposed to divorce their new spouse after getting saved?

Why can’t this be forgiven like th other sins? I have no plans on divorcing, but it just bothers me a bit, the unforgivable impression I get...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Adventures in Cooking

I have my nose in a glass of milk. Actually, I don't anymore as it would be difficult to type whilst holding a glass of milk to my face, but lets pretend for the sake of present-tense storytelling. So, I have a glass of milk pressed to my face, tilted just so, and my nose placed therein.


Because I decided to cook Indian food tonight. With hot peppers. I learned from Food Network that you can cut down on the heat in your food by scraping out the innards of the hot pepper, and just using the outsides. I used my fingers to scrape out the peppers. No gloves. And I didn't wash my hands.

I tried a little bit of the pepper to make sure it wasn't too hot for say, Luke, to eat. It was. But not too bad, not much worse than hot Mexican food. I cut down on the amount of hot pepper in the recipe.

Also essential to the plot of this story is my drippy allergy-ridden nose. It dripped. I swiped. I sniffed. The burning started. I tried to wipe it off and rubbed it in. Washing didn't help, not even with dish detergent.

So I remembered that I heard somewhere that milk helps take the burn out of hot food.

So here I am with my nose in a glass of milk, tears streaming down my face. Josh is trying not to laugh at me in my pain. He is also annoyed that now he is stuck making dinner. The pain is gone as long as I keep my nose in the milk. I slowly wean myself from the glass, taking my nose out for a few seconds at a time and then plunging gratefully back into the cold milk.

Josh asks if I still want to put hot peppers into the food.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who, indeed, is 'Swollen'?

Last night was a scary moment in my life... I prayed alot, but the prayers were not answered according to my prefered time-line...

I am following Larissa home after church. We get to a point where this thug-ish Chevy Avalanche is behind Larissa and in front of me.

I feel as if the avalanche is following my wife too closely (which it was) so, thinking that some how this will teach this driver a lesson, I get behind the chevy in a very Josh Sipper-esque way... thought, Josh does it even when not angry...

A dog walks out in front of Larissa. She slows down, but doesnt screech to a halt... but, the chevy was way too close to larissa and had to brake hard... likewise, I had to brake hard. My tires locked, schreeched, and i swerved hitting the back drivers side of the truck with my front passenger side...

No big deal, this is what insurance is for, no one is hurt, both cars are VERY driveable... so, like I am supposed to, I call the police. It is my fault clearly and without a police report, my insurance company will not cover the chevy, and would probably drop me.

This black girl gets out and says "You callin the poe-lees?"
"yes..." I say matter-of-factly
"Dont call the poe-lees see... i aint got my drivers license." My heart sinks a bit...
"It is my fault, if I dont call the police, my insurance company wont repair your car."
"It aint my car either..."

Okay, so things are getting wierd... I go back to my car, write down the tag number and actually pray that she will take off. Then I can report it to the cops... She gets out of her truck (23 inch chrome wheels, all pimped out) and is on the phone... with, who I assume to be, the owner of the car. Who I also assume to be a very mean, angry, alrge back man who is her boyfriend.

She walks behind my car and tells the person on the phone my tag number... then she comes to my window and tells ME that she took MY tag down in case I run off...

ME RUN OFF??? I have good insurance! I have my license. It is just a fender bender, I dont want some French Connection, Popeye Doyle, chase through the city thing for this, geez...

20 minutes have passed... I call the cops again and tell them that I dont know what is going to happen because the lady I hit is nervous and claims to not have her drivers license...

then an Allero shows up...

Her comes the thug, with 3 other girls behind him... his arms are moving all over the place, walking straight to my door...

"What the MF did you MF do to my MF truck you MF??? I put my MF soul into that MF truck! I MF love that MF truck..." and so on, and so forth...

I had the phone in my lap, 911 had been calledm truck in drive ready to take off... I tried to calm the MF man down by saying "Hey man, I have insurance, it will take care of the whole thing! thats what insurance is for, its cool!"

"Yeah, well you better have GOOD MF insurance MF-er"

"it is, it is Alfa" which calms him down greatly, in fact, he goes on to say that "yeah, Alfa is good MF insurance..."

30 minutes later, we are all talking. I got him to calm down by asking him questions about his truck, rims, and his "system" which he took great pride in talking about.

45 minutes later, the cops show up... Montgomery cops are slow, and refuse to smile. Everything is UNfunny to them. I officially hate them right now... 3rd shift ones anyway.

Bottom line, i was at fault, and i took care of everything today, got 2 quotes on my truck, and i guess his insurance company will be in contact with mine.

If you do not have car insurance, GET IT... Alfa took care of me soooooo well. I LOVE alfa. They really made me almost glad I got in a wreck. Alfa may be one of the more expensive ones (I really dont know that they are, but people tell me they are, ours isnt high though) but they took very good care of me... of course my adjuster has kids that go to school where I work...

and oh yeah, keep 3 car lengths behind the car in front of you josh...

My biggest fear of the whole ordeal is if it was my wife in my position, by herself, getting cursed out, scared to death... that scares me more than anything...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vote for me!

I know I know I've been gone for a while. Now I show up and want your help. But think of the history you will be making...

Anyway I entered a contest to win an iPod Nano. I need votes. So tell your friends to vote for me as well...Please I'm begging.

Vote now!


Tuesday, October 11, 2005


When I got to Faulkner I had never met so many people that I felt had been handed their faith on a silver platter. I was shocked.

The question very seldom was raised without controversy and censure that you must be a sinner to even question if there is a God.
I spent the better half of my life into the early 90’s questioning this idea of God. At FU it was blasphemous to even think it. I have a theory as to why this was the case and it revolves around people not having an answer for “why” they believe what they believe.

It’s difficult to explain an abstract against someone who places no credit in the Bible.

In discussing this topic Sunday Jules told me that her faith was more solid before I started asking her why she believed what she believed. Admittedly, her faith was built on her grandparents and parents expectations and indoctrination to the subject.

So class, tell me why do you believe in God? Your answer can not include because I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, because Christ died for me or because he lives in my heart.

I just want to know if there was an experience or something else that has guided you to your own faith.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm Afraid, So...

Mullins, you were right when you said I suffer from some sort of "fear" of things in life.

I was just talking to Rachel about how and why I do things like I do. I think about this quite a bit.

First of all, I'm a monstrous creature of routine. If my routine is messed with, I get pretty stressed-out. So, I set up numerous conditions to keep a routine running. I'm learning to get past this, but it's really hard.

Second, I'm afraid of myself. Do you know what I mean? I just fear my weaknesses and try to counter them by, again, setting up boundaries.

I could probably go on all day expounding upon what a weirdo I am, but I'll just say this instead.

I'm working on it.

I have used the phrase, "It's a terrible thing to live your life in fear" for years now. Here I am, doing it myself. Creating fears to counter fears.

Silly, is it not?

Friday, October 07, 2005

March 12-20, last call and...

Why no one realized until now, me included, that there is no week of March 12-20 is beyond me. That’s eight days beginning Sunday rolling through Monday.

Anyway, March 11-19 Sat through following Sun should still work I guess.

The Mullins clan will most likely leave Thursday evening the 15th, and hang out until Sunday. If we can swing it we’ll try and tack on an extra day, who knows…

If you’re traveling you’re on your own to find a bed roll, I guess we all know that and mostly have it sorted out really.

Lets lock in this week once and for all over the weekend.

Sipper the picture is the fabled bus from the early Grateful Dead Acid Tests lore, it’s name is Further now you know its name and what it looks like, you’re almost a fan…

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bad Blog, but I need my friends honesty here...

Okay, simple...
I am going to post a email thread.
I am feeling very hurt right now, and will explain after the thread:

To preface, a teacher had a problem. I could not VNC into her computer because the password had changed (VNC is a program used to control peoples computers remotely).

I needed the password changed without me having to walk half a mile to do it myself.

so, I sent these instructions:

ok, i need your help big time here, and i know you can do it...

look on your screen, near your clock in the lower right hand corner...

you will see a little icon that is white, and it will look like it has the letters V N C on it...

put your mouse on top of this icon, press your RIGHT mouse button one time, and go to PROPERTIES

find a field that says PASSWORD or a button that says "set password"

make the password 1, thats right, just the number 1

you may have to type it in two fields if another one says "retype password"

press ok and let me know when you have done this...

may sound hard, but is very easy

ok, to which she replies:

I do not like to be talked down to; I am not an idiot just not as computer savvy as you are. I asked for your help because I thought that was your job!

Now guys, I love you all. And if I were being belitting, I would tell you. But I know, in my christian heart, that when I wrote that email, IN NO WAY was I trying to belittle here...

Here was my responce:

In no WAY was I trying to talk down to you!
I would never do that to anyon and if what I said appeared to be that way I apologize.

I tried to make my last email as easy as possible to read and understand. I can understand how you may think that the first line "I need your help big time here, and I know you can do it..." may have been taken as me talking down to you, but it was honestly meant in no way to belittle you at all.

Perhaps my last line: "may sound hard, but is very easy" sounded belittling, but it was not intended to be at all.

In my experience here, most teachers need encouragement to do tasks that they are not used to doing. Doing things that aren't in their realm of expertise can be daunting to most of them. When I offer instructions, I try to be as encouraging as possible.

I am sorry you took my tone to be something that it was not.

..women... geez...

do i HAVE to be the bigger man and go down there and apologize in PERSON??? SHE JUDGED MY HEART AND WAS WRONG!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Gathering of the Tribes 2006

Spring Break: March 12-20
Or some time there within seems to be the magic date so far.

Does anyone have a problem with this week? We can sort out specific dates later.

Brew run it past Amy & work, someone call Chuck and let him know we’re at least planning this, Jamison plan slacking a few more days, Jules check the bank calendar and bring home some extra money, Sipp get Luke ready for two wild playmates (same for Alexandria) them Mullins’ boys is a comin’, Everyone get ready for Stubbs Gone Wild!

Bang, Bang, knock a little louder honey. BANG, BANG!

A wave of boredom hit me yesterday so I decided to try something new. Before I knew it I was flinging hot lead into a silhouette of my mortal enemy.

All over town there are ads for a place called Coal Creek Armory and their indoor firing range. This place is hailed as a shop for beginners and military / police specialists alike. I walked in and looked around until someone asked what I needed. I talked about how long its been since I’ve shot a guy of any type, aside from killing hookers which I only did once with a firearm, and how I’d thought I might like to try it again.

I don’t really have a reason why I’d like to try it; I guess I was hoping for a rush or something. I finally got to the right counter, filled out my paperwork, got my box of 50 bullets, eye / ear protection and chose my gun, a Bresa .380 22 cal. This gun is surly not the hand cannon of Dirty Harry, in fact it was really light and easy to handle. I didn’t feel like I was holding a real gun.

I was lead into the range shown how to load the gun, I’ve seen my dad’s gun and watched enough movies that this wasn’t news but I totally appreciated the refresher. After a few more pointers I was left to my own deadly devices.

The guy helping me set the target at 3ft. My first seven rounds were all center kills. Reloaded, my next seven were within four inches of each other, all kills. At 15 feet I started to spread my hits a bit more. All were within the right shoulder, my target area. Feeling that I had done alright I rolled my target to 35 feet and aimed for the head. Five of my seven hit in the area if not killing the guy I would have at least given him a wonderful headache and one pierced ear.

I changed to a fresh target and finished off the rest of my rounds with moderate satisfaction.

If you’ve never shot a gun I’d recommend it if for no other reason than to garner its respect. Walking into the range the smell was something else, a warm metallic aroma chased by exploded gun powder gave me a feeling and since of excitement as I prepped to squeeze off my first few rounds.

It was a fun experience and I’m very glad that I spent the time and money, around 30 bucks to try something new. Maybe when I try it next time I’ll be able to leave the range with a propellant created Martin Riggs smiley face.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Shinning

Check out this trailer for Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. It looks like a really upbeat film.

Ok, so really it is a nice editing job to make what is one of the great suspense/horror films of all time look like one of those uplifting chick flicks.

Ok, Ok, I intentionally misspelled the title to make a Simpsons reference.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Well it’s about that time.

The Brewster clan is stateside and somewhat settled. Everyone else is married and has a traveling partner if not several smaller companions as well. And for the moment we’re all gainfully employed enough for some sort of travel.

It’s time for a homecoming as the Baptists like to say.

Motions are already on the floor for a spring or summer reunion.Here is the short list of things to consider.

Location…Montgomery is where it all began and where ½ half of our extended family lives so it’s easy to shack up together and retread old stomping grounds. But other locations should be considered for points of interest and travel needs.

Time…The spring / summer time frame works for planning and can accommodate work and schooling schedules long with the hopes that the weather will be pleasant if not exceptionally humid.The floor is now open for discussion. 3-day, 4-day???

Jung - Myers-Briggs

Speaking of dreams and personalities, I took a Jung - Myers-Briggs test today...

Back in the day, it was sort of a quick test and an alternative to a head shrink.

Does htis describe me?

slightly expressed extrovert
slightly expressed intuitive personality
slightly expressed thinking personality
slightly expressed judging personality

I shrug my shoulders and say "okay...."