Friday, June 17, 2005

People for the ethical treatment of some animals (PETSA)

Does anyone find this terrible funny? Or Terribly terrible? Or interestingly uninteresting?

It leads me to believe a theory I have had for a long time about organizations like PETA, or even the NAACP for example...
These organizations exists because something they don't like is happening and they want to change it.

While they are non-profits, employees (and the big wigs) still make money (look at Jesse Jackson!).

What happens if the entire world stops eating meat and treats animals like they were gods? Well, I guess either PETA dissolves (and all their donations and money) or they rule the earth (unlikely).

What happens if all Americans and American businesses stop being racist and pander to all colored people? Well, then I guess the NAACP will dissolve, since its purpose has through.

DO they really want that? I think not. Money is powerful.

I am led to believe that organizations like PETA, the NAACP, and many others actually want the problems they fight against to always exists. Otherwise, they all have to find real jobs...


midnitcafe said...

To comment on the linked article all I will say is those are a couple of messed up kids. At first I thought they were depositing already dead animals which might work as some kind of message, but then I read they were killing the animals themselves and thats just cruel.

But as far as the larger organizations. Of course non profits make money. The concept of a non profit isn't that no money is made. They have to cover their expenses and pay their people.

I would also say that money can, and often does corrupt. And that there are people within the organizations you mentioned who feel like you suspect. But I would also say a great many of them truly believe in their causes and would be overjoyed if they were no longer needed.

bigsip said...

I just think that many organizations like PETA, NAACP, ACLU, etc. exist now for the sole purpose of their own overblown egos. They think they are right because their group of friends tells them so and they have stuff in common. In essence, most of them have become worse than the politicians they initially intended to combat.

Jamison said...
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