Friday, December 16, 2005

Rear-end review

Tomorrow, this blog will be exactly 6 months old.

In these past 6 months we have learned what BumStats are, who gives names to inanimate objects, many wonderful ways of getting things for free , why we have all lost our desire for cotton candy , who is and who is not a blog nazi , whether drinking is okay or not okay (And I still am not sure), That Stubbs doesn't like us (I couldn't find a post to prove this, because, well, Stubbs doesn't like us), that, despite alot happening in Chucks life, the only info he will send our way is when he wants something for free , and a host of other interesting tid bits.

You wont be hearing from me for over a week. The firstplace we are going doesnt even have phone lines, so I will be "roughin' it" i guess you could say... with central heat and hot water and a roof and food and, ... well, okay, it wont be that rough.

I challenge you all to find the best of the best. Email me or Brew your entries. You can't vote for yourself.

Vote for the following categories:

-Most talked about blog (got the most RELEVANT comments)
-Best blog with RELEVANT pics
-Best written blog (doesn't necessarily need to have the most comments)
-Blog in which you learned something about the writer that you didn't know before
-Funniest Blog, one that made you LLOL (Literally Laugh Out Loud)
-Best all-around blog

I meant to blog yall and get some suggestions for such categories, but i waited too long.
When the new year of 2006 starts, look for a blog containing the winners.

Instead of the Emmys, we will have the midnight cafe-ys.. ill come up with a trophey design.

So, get your votes in before Jan 1st. You have 2 weeks to research your winners!

Oh, and Merry Christmas all!


Brewster said...

Great stuff. Thank for putting this together. I'll get to looking for good posts.

Jamison said...

i found it easier than I thought. I just started at december and worked my way up, scanning the blogs. I seemed to have remembered all the blogs, so I didnt have to read much. I already have 4 of mine, ill send them all your way when I am done and see what you think.

Jamison said...

ive gotten no votes yet, get them in to me!!!!

kermitgrn said...

Could have something to do with the Holidays. Ah yes, BTW: I'm hoping to have a BIG announcement soon (has nothing to do with what the Sips are going through). And, if you ask, I will not respond (even by e-mail). Stay tuned. I hope to be able to spill my guts the second week of January.

Oh yeah, since I'm behind on the Blogs, my votes will probably be useless.

My New Year's resolution, is to keep up with you guys better.

bigsip said...

Good NYR, Chuck! I'll try to vote soon. Just have to decide If I want to take the politician angle and always vote for myself or not.

bigsip said...

OH, I just realized I can't vote for myself...I'll email you soon, Jamison...