Friday, December 09, 2005

Did the ox and lamb really keep time?

We sell these Christmas CD's at BBW that go toward the Make a Wish foundation. My little sister went to Disney World with Make a Wish foundation, so this organization is very close to my heart. I was talking about the CD to a woman yesterday who seemed interesting in buying it. I discussed that it has three discs, only costs $10, goes toward a good cause, you get the idea. She was looking at the song list and one title caught her eye.

“Little Drummer Girl by Alicia Keys?” she asked.

“Yeah, she’s great.” I responded.

“That’s nice, but Little Drummer Girl? Why not little drummer boy?”

“I’m not sure; I guess she just changed it to a girl.”

She scoffs at me and puts the CD back.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “I just can’t buy that. It’s the religious side of me.”

I finish ringing her purchase, tell her to have a Merry Christmas, and send her on her way.

As she walks away, I’m confused. Last time I read the story of Jesus’ birth, there was no mention of a child who went and drummed for him. Let alone a little boy. It’s a song. The little drummer boy story didn’t actually happen. I wanted to shake the lady.

I shared the story with one of my fellow managers. “Did she actually read the Bible?” J says.

The rest of the day I had to suppress my giggles. I couldn’t get through anything without thinking of that woman. Even now I still chuckle at her.


Rachel said...
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Diana said...
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kermitgrn said...

Well I found the lyrics. Interesting start, but the rest is pretty much the same:

To me it seems like Christmas is lost
'Cuz it's not about celebrating anymore
It's just about giving to receive
And the illest thing to me about the little drummer boy
Or the little drummer girl in my case, I guess
Is that all that Shorty had was her drum, that's it
And through her drum, she gave Jesus her soul
There ain't no amount of riches that could ever amount to that
You know what I'm sayin'?

Ba dee ah, ba dee ah
Come on, they told me
A new born king to see
Our finest gifts we bring to lay before the king
So to honor him
When we come

Oh, ra pum pum pum pum
Baby Jesus, I am a poor girl too
I have no gift to bring
That's fit to give a king
Shall I play for you on my drum?...

The rest is identical except that standard "yeahs" and "ooohs" Alicia Keys normally adds to the hip-hop sound.

kermitgrn said...

I can see no problem myself by the way. Maybe she confused X-mas tradition with the true story.

bigsip said...

The lady apparently has no idea how the actual story of Jesus' birth goes.

It's sort of like how everyone thinks there were 3 wise men when the Bible never says there were 3, only 3 gifts. There could have been 50 wise men for all we know.

Then there's the whole, "When is Christmas, anyway?" question.

No one really knows when it is. Biblical scholars actually place it more in the springtime of the year than in the winter.

All reasons I just celebrate time off from work and happy times with family, food, and fun...oh, and fusic...

Diana said...

Her ignorance and her rudeness is what made me laugh more than anything.

She was totally going to buy a CD and help out a good cause but because Alicia Keys put a different spin on a song, the dying kids who want to go to Disney World aren't good enough for her money.

That's being dramatic, I know. It just seemed silly to me.

Jamison said...

that is hilarious Di... it is like those religious 'idiots' in this city when they were taking the monument of the 10 commandments away.

some protesters were thre and when men came to remove the monument, people screamed "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY GOD!!!"

uhhh, you worship man-made objects do you? lol

bigsip said...

I'm afraid xmas has become something of an idol, too. Why do people feel so compelled to worship things?

Is it the lack of ability to see God and know He is real? It's sad.

Jamison said...

FYI Di, I told your story at lunch today, it got good laughs...

If you see that lady on judgement day, see if she blushes when all things are revealed to her and she realizes what she said.

kermitgrn said...

I'm going to refer back to Di's Subject Title. Did that lady think that the Ox and Lamb were groovin' to the jam-master Drummer Boy? How rediculous.

Brewster said...

the little drummer boy is in the bible. He brought Frankenstein and Murr. Great story Diana! People really are stupid, sometimes.

bigsip said...

LOL, Brew.

Pah rumpah pum pum, baby!