Friday, December 09, 2005

One Hundred Ninety

That is how much I now weigh (down from my max weight of 215 a few years ago). I didn't realize that when we got together for the smokefest. That weight is the lowest I've weighed since 1995 when I met Jodi. I had been working out that summer with Thomas Cooper at Gold's Gym.

No wonder you guys were like, "Dude, you've lost weight." Well the reason I was so hesitant was that I knew I had gained a few pounds after Thanksgiving. I think before then I might have been down to 185. Which if that was the case is the lowest I've been since my Junior year in HS. Maybe next time you guys see me I can claim that weight as confirmed.


bigsip said...

Yes, you look marvelous, my friend!

I'm down to 175, now, btw.

I was at an all time high of 190 when we moved here, but with diet and exercise, I've dropped 15 pounds, baby!

Jamison said...

told ja you lost wieght, i told you that everytime id see you.