Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I decided to post something because no one else had for a while. You all are probably too busy to check this, but I have nothing to do. I really don't have anything important to discuss. So, here are some topics we can choose from:

George W. Bush: Worse Than Hitler?

Why Everyone is Going to Hell Except (your name here)

Why Doesn't Charlie Like "Lord of the Rings" as Much as the Rest of Us?

New Orleans: They Had It Coming

I Hate (insert ethnic/racial/social/political group, etc here) Because...

Why People Who Don't Think This Post is Funny are Stupid

What's With The Weather?

Should We Run People With Cell Phones Off The Road?

Comic Books are Cool, and so are People Who Read Them

Yankees Who Don't Like the South Should Just Go Back Where They Came From...Am I Right, People?

Seriously, What's With the Weather?

Which is Better: "Citizen Kane" or "Batman Begins"?

Irony: Is it Dead?

That should give you guys something to chew on for a while. Later.


P.S. I will not be offended if this post gets deleted. This is (I hope) an obvious attempt at humor on my part. Sorry if this actually hurts people's feelings or is taken the wrong way. Crybabies.


Jamison said...

not your best chas... but all those questions make great tee-shirt phrases!

hey, ive posted! scroll down!

Jamison said...

My answers:

-Poor taste in film
-Pigmys/Icelanders/Methodist/Green party
-I'm stupid so I cant answer that one.
-No, I am one of them
-Disagree, agree.
-Still cold
-Ironic you should ask that...

Diana said...

That was funny, honey. I didn't know you even knew how to post.
Just kidding. That was funny though.

What's really funny is to read Jamison's answers without the questions.

midnitcafe said...

You had me with the weather.

bigsip said...

Funny, Charlie...No, really, it was.

bigsip said...

My answers:


Do the crime, do the time.

He reads too many comics.

They'll rise again.

Don't be a hatah...

heh heh, huh?


Yes, except for Jamison. He should be flogged in public.

So, you're cool now?



CK, all the way!


Well, there are my responses. They're mostly honest and not meant to be funny or silly. So, don't laugh.

Jamison said...

Di is right, I read Sips answers with no memory of the questions, and it twas funny!

bigsip said...

He laughed! :) Glad it amused you...

Brewster said...

I'll bite, here's my answers.

1. Of course not. I don't like him, but he's not committing mass genocide.

2. Because I f'ing rock.

3. Better question is why has Brewster grown tired of them.

4. No.

5. Members of this blog, because nobody goes to mine anymore.

6. No talent hacks.

7. Seriously, what up with that?

8. Run them off the road, then shoot them, then eat them.

9. meh

10. damn yankees

11. haven't seen batman, but I seriously doubt it could compete with Kane.

12. Not dead, but terminally ill

we had irony here, but I was the only practioner of it and I got tired of being stared at.

bigsip said...

They need to make a movie called "Citizen Batman".

Jamison said...

i actually do go to your blog a few times a week brewsky

bigsip said...

I haven't been to your blog in a while, Brew. Sorry. I'll try to drop in more often.