Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If God can do it, so can I.

Howdy gang, it’s time to get back into the meat of this blog and get the old gears cranking.

Read this and ponder the following idea.

For once in my life I’m excited and happy to hear that people are trying to create life in a Petri dish. I filmed and interviewed a debate between the guy who was in charge of creating Dolly the sheep and a creationist who was opposed to the whole idea of cloning and genetic manipulation and have since been keen on the whole subject.

So after reading this why am I happy? I think they are finally going to hit the metaphysical / spiritual wall. In this article the lead scientist states that they have no way, once they get their little gene sequence, to make it turn into something. I’m all for evolution so long as it can prove the original creature, one cell, or 2,000,000 it doesn’t matter to me. Evolution has yet to give a really good answer on how we formed out of raw material into something that had a function.

This is the same problem Mr. Smart guy has. He’s trying to create something from proteins he’s collected. Once his proteins are inline he doesn’t know how to make them sit up, roll over and fetch. Let’s say he creates his DNA, cheats and inserts into an existing microbe to create what he going to call a synthetic life form. He’s still screwed because he had to collect the protein from something which already existed to even begin.

I think I’ve told the joke of the scientists who told God he wasn’t needed anymore. God consented on one condition. “I’ll leave humanity alone if you can create a man from what I used.” The scientists talked, collected some dirt and said “Fine.”
God closes by poofing away their specimen and says “Get your own dirt.”


kermitgrn said...

I would love to read it, but I can't find a free version of the text. So, I'll put in my 2 cents without it.

"Get your own Dirt"...

Well even by stealing from God, they just can't do it. The problem is you need proteins to make amino acids and amino acids to make proteins. The phrase "irreducibly complex" comes to mind. Look that up sometime.

bigsip said...

I like the fact that people are still trying to somehow rationalize God out of existence.

I read an interview with one of C. S. Lewis' stepsons today and found it interesting.

I know that Lewis was an agnostic/atheist at one point, but didn't know the story behind it.

Apparently, his mother passed away when he was young, and althoug he had been raised Christian, he rejected it because he was angry at God for taking his mother.

So, he went about trying to rationalize God away.

His stepson brought up a very interesting point about rational minds, though.

I paraphrase, but he said something along the lines that "the rational mind might rationalize God away, but rationally, God must exist, so the rational mind will inevitably come back to fact there is a God".

The harder people try to prove there is no God, the more they prove there is a God!