Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Have you ever...

Have you ever woken up to a strange car in your driveway, and not after a night of drinking? That happened to me this morning. I walk outside to get into my car and BAM! there's a white Nissan Pulsar from the 90's sitting in the drive. I looked inside. There was a Walmart (or Sams) badge on the rearview mirror. It read Monique. In the backseat was a small, pink child's chair (not car seat) with the word "princess" across it.

We think that our neighbor's were out-of-town, but their teenage son was still home. Hmmm...a little freaky-deaky going on? His dad is a minister. You think I should ask him about it?


Brewster said...

That's kind of creepy. If the car moved back I think I'd leave it alone.

Jamison said...

I would have called the cops and had the car impounded so the mother of "princess" would have to dish out $150 to get it out then have to steal to feed her child.

kidding, yeah, if it happened to me, I would ask both my neighbors if perhaps they had a visitor that may have aprked in teh wrong driveway by mistake. I mean, i fyou needed your car out, what would you do?

And if I were getting freaky deaky as you say, Id park on the street, not some strangers driveway...sheesh, thats what I did, er, would do.

bigsip said...

You should have knifed her tires or at leatst let the air out.

Let preacher daddy know what's up. He might like to know what junior's been up to.

mullinz8 said...

w well can you know a guy before you learn which house he lives in?

I would have walked over to the guy’s house and asked him if he knew whose it could be and then if he could move it.
Maybe leaving a note on it stating the vehicle obviously doesn’t belong there and it if shows up again it will be towed.

I don’t think that I would tell the dad I mean that’s really not any of your business as to who the kid has over.
If this becomes a repeated issues and actually effects you in some way then you have the right to say something but shagging is not illegal.

kermitgrn said...

Was not repeated last night, but their son's car never came home last night. I think it was a case of mistaken identity. She may have honestly thought she was in our neighbors drive. The way our houses sit, it's happened before, but not overnight.

kermitgrn said...

I really wouldn't do anything as mean as have it towed or tell his parents. But, it might be fun to joke with Wayne (the neighbor's kid) about his overnight visitor.