Thursday, December 08, 2005

Friends, Fun, and Fusic (Music just didn't fit)

These pics were from a mini-reunion months ago.

Chuck just now got them to me, Sip, I will give you your copies in the days that follow.

I don't know why I feel that I must turn myself into an idiot when a camera is pointed at me. (Brew, insert witty comment here)

Speaking of photos, it is likely that J.A.S. (aka Josh) will be put into the new yearbook that is being published by the school I work for.

Why you ask? Simple. The yearbook staff came up with a cute idea:

"What faculty members do for fun/in their spare time."

So I submitted a picture of us jamming with the old guys in the bluegrass group.

Sip, your moment has arrived! What moment that may be, I do not know.

Funny thing happened today that really buoyed my spirits (bowing as everyone applaudes me for using a cool word correctly)

There is crazy little radio show on 1170am here in town. It is a talk show that never touches the political rehlm. Basically, this talk station needed to fill a 2 hour slot, so they took a DJ from the FM side to do a "show about nothing" for 2 hours.
Anyway, sometimes I feel sorry for the guy because there are sometimes when no one calls, so he just talks about women (big time woman-izer) or some girls will call in and tease him (sexually speaking), etc (like the "cake lady").

Anyway, I started calling in maybe once a week if I caught the show (Due to the other talk radio station being on a commercial). I would do a George W Bush impression that, I thought, was okay, but this guy thinks is hilarious.

Well, apparantly, I have become a "regular" caller. I caught the show today (again, just because there were commercials on the other channel) and he was asking people to call in and say what they want for xmas. Sounds dull, but the guy is a career DJ, and he makes it interesting. He said if no one calls he was going to just play a song, which, I hate when he does that. So I call and I say:

ME "First off, I am not a girl" (I say this because he likes women to call)
DJ "I can hear that"
ME "I dont really have anything to say, I just wanted to call so you wouldn't play a song"
DJ (Laughs, says something that I cant remember)
ME (I kind of freeze and say) Fun fact; I am the guy who always calls in doing the Bush impression.
DJ then goes on about how great I am at it and that I should call more often. I tell him that I dont feel I am all that great at it. We banter back and forth a bit, me jumping into my Bush voice from time to time, him laughing. He even has added "Hail to the chief" to his sound board to play whenever I call now.

Anyway, I end the call, and turn my radio back up to listen to the end of me talking. Then, an older lady (60-ish) calls in and says:
"I just love that last caller. He is my most favorite of your regular callers, I hope he is listening" and the DJ remarks about how great I am...

Wow! That makes a cold, rainy day pretty tolerable!


kermitgrn said...


I've been haunted by that Bush voice ever since you called me a few weeks ago. I was suspicious as you know. But I could not completely place you with that voice.

It is a great impression by the way. Add a sounbite to the blog.

Jamison said...

You never knew that was me?
Actually, that call I made to you was before I made my first call to that show using that voice. I used you and Josh as bait, to test the voice. I called Josh right after I called you. I dont know if I told him that was me either...

wow, I am sly!

Brewster said...

I'm shocked and awed. I'm shocked that I have a friend who actually calls in on radio talk shows, and awed that he's good enough to become a well known regular.

Jamison said...

Brew... of all your friends, which one do you think would call a radio show?

I'd hardly call it shocking.

bigsip said...

I knew it was you the first time you pulled the "Bush" on me. Ew, that didn't sound so good...

Anyway, I love it! I think it's a pretty good impression. Dude, you're a regular! Keep calling.

Nice pics, Chuck!

mullinz8 said...

Jamison, that’s really cool! You should call the guy whenever you get a chance.

I know that you think it’s silly but you should tell him that you’d like to do some canned spots for the guy. You know Bushisms or a holiday greetings.

Perhaps if you buddy up with the guy and he could teach you a few things and you could get a weekend spot or something. Milk it brother. It seems as though you’re as much of a hit on the show as the DJ.

I’m tickled that you can do a W impersonation, I drive Jules crazy with my really bad voicing.
The pictures are great, I love seeing you guys hanging out.

Do the stream? I’ll tune in if I know that you’re going to call.

mullinz8 said...

As a footnote I called Chuck the same day you had called him as W and he thought I might have done it. The guy was completely lost.

Jamison said...

I am sorry, chuck still makes me laugh even though he does nothing. His expression in the last pic is classic. It says "Jamison, you are an bozo, and no moron would ever want to be seen socially with you. But I am a moron, so I dont mind being seen with you."

Maybe Ill try to get on the air with him. He is so sad. I mean, he is happy all the time, but I can tell the kind of man he is; girls girls girls, married 3 times, still has a mostache because thinks the ladies dig it, etc...

He and I would get along on air, but off air I'd be wishing I werent there.

I doubt the stream the show... ill look

kermitgrn said...

Obviously I can't take credit for the pics. Jodi was behind the camera.

Ummmm, thanks Jamison. I think that was a compliment, "chuck still makes me laugh even though he does nothing."

I think I'll go flush my head down the toilet to celebrate.

bigsip said...

LOL...that's why Chuck makes me laugh. He's genuinely funny.

Charlie said...

Jamison, I don't know if you'll read this, becauase it is like two years later, but I think that's pretty cool. I wish I had a talk show, either radio or tv. Oh well, it's like they say: wish in one hand and poop in the other, and see which one fills up first.