Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And the nominees are

Not getting alot of votes for best blogs, but I got a few.

So rather than wait on you lazy people, I am compiling to make a nominees list. Winners will be announced next week.

The Most Talked About Blog Nominees are:

"A Toast Then" By Mullins
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"By Di
"Unforgivable, That's What You Are..." By Jamison
"Why..." By Mullins

The Best Blog With Pictures Nominees are:

"Rude Awakening" By Brew
"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" By Jamison
"Picking and Grinnin'" was nominated, but tossed by the judges due to poor blogging and it having its pictures in a different post.

The Well Written Blog Nominees are:

"You're Fired" By Brew
"Accountability To God And Child" By Mullins
"X-Mas" By Chuck was nominated, but his material was copied from WikiPedia, so it was tossed.

The Blog You Learned Something About The Writer Nominees are:

"Dirty Little Secrets" By Sip
"Friday Shoes" By Brew

The Funniest Blog Nominees are:

"Fun In The Hotel Room" By Jamison (Judges removed link due to the pics)
"Adventures In Cooking" By Rachel
"Did The Ox And Lamb Really Keep Time?" By Di

The Best All Around Blog Nominees are:

"Accountability To God And Child" By Mullins
"Friday Shoes" By Brew
Judges are taking last minute additions to this category ONLY if you have them.

Find your faves and express to me which ones you think should win. Using the blog comments is fine.



Jamison said...

If you weren't nominated, then you didn't blog a whole lot. Sorry in advance.

bigsip said...

I'm going to wait on a more complete list before casting my votes.

Are we supposed to email our votes again? Do all the same rules still apply?

Jamison said...

trust me, the lsit wont get any bigger than it is now.

Post faves from the list here.

You can only add to the best all around nominees.

bigsip said...

OK, here are mine:

The Most Talked About Blog:
"Unforgivable, That's What You Are..." By Jamison

The Best Blog With Pictures:
"Rude Awakening" By Brew

The Well Written Blog:
"Accountability To God And Child" By Mullins

The Blog You Learned Something About The Writer:
"Friday Shoes" By Brew

The Funniest Blog:
"Fun In The Hotel Room" By Jamison

The Best All Around Blog:
"Friday Shoes" By Brew

Jamison said...

thank you my friend, your votes are being sent to the judges.

I think I will allow someone to add to the nominee lists that have only 2 in them. I feel like i need at least 3 in each list.

mullinz8 said...

I’m sorry I didn’t throw in my two cents but I just couldn’t go through all of those because I would have read each one from start to finish and that would have taken forever.

I think the choices are really good, way to compile Jamison.

I guess it’s time that I started to break out some of my conservative God questions and get some posts rolling soon. Maybe I’ll vent about work stuff.

Maybe for right now at least I’ll just say thanks for my friends and the little spinning orb of a world we’ve constructed to critique and support each other. You’re all bastards of the highest caliber.

Diana said...

First of all, I'm touched to be nominated for anything. I didn't realize I actually added anything to this blog besides a bunch of whinin'. Thanks guys!

My picks!

Most talked about
Unforgivable, that’s what you are by Jamison

Best Blog w/ pics
Rude Awakening by Brew

Well Writen
You’re fired by Brew

Blog learned something
Friday Shoes by Brew

Adventures in Cooking by Rachel

Accountability by Mullins

Jamison said...

Thank you Di and Sip (and I cant beleive Mullins typed 3 paragraphs and not one vote) but I am still working on the funniest blog award.

Everyone else, gimme your choice now from the nominees listed! I cant sit here and vote for myself!

bigsip said...

Somehow this voting thing doesn't seem to be working very well. Bum Stats anyone?

Jamison said...

yeah, but bumstats causes a bunch of ties, thanks to you and Di being the only voters. I use myself as a voter, but I dont want to vote for myself. I can figure the rest out if the others will just tell me which blog they found to be the funniest.

bigsip said...

I just meant to throw out the votes and Bum Stat everything.

With so few votes it'd be about as accurate.

Jamison said...

hehe, funny thing, i bum stat all the time in my car, but is is mostly to calculate the racial makeup of montgomery.

it always comes out 50-50. Just when one race is about to beat out the other, the other one comes back to tie it all up.

bigsip said...

LOL! Classic Jamison.

Speaking of "bums", are you feeling any better today?

You seemed to be feeling pretty rough after practice last eve.

Jamison said...

well, number one (no pun intended) I had to take a crap really bad... but nothing would come out and it was weighing heavily on me.

on top of that, I didnt feel like I was playing all that wonderfully and it got me down a bit. I suppose I should be the kind of person who just keeps going, but I am not.

Then I got to thinking "Ive been playing for about a year and I havent prograssed ANY in the last 6 months!"

bigsip said...

I don't know, man. I think you're doing great! But, if you feel like you're not progressing, try writing a song.

I'm serious. Write a song or two and try out some interesting chords and stuff. It'll push you a little and help you around your roadblock.

Might also want to try pickin' something else a little like guitar. You can borrow the one I have for a bit if you like. I know I've felt great ever since I switched to bass, but I still pick around on the guitar too and find I want to play it more as a result.

Sometimes you can just get a little stagnant and need something to mix up your musical life a little. Just keep moving, brother. You'll jive right on past this little slump.

Brewster said...

Alright, alright, I voted. I didn't come up with any new nominees and I'm sorry I've sucked at this. Between work, visiting family and getting a ferocious head cold I've not cared to dig deep into this thing. Plus I got a DVD burner for christmas and have spend every free moment trying to get it to work. I'm about ready to throw the darn thing into the Potomac. Anyways...

The Most Talked About Blog Nominees are:"Why..." By Mullins

Should there really be voting on this one? Can't you just count the comments?

The Best Blog With Pictures Nominees are"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" By Jamison

The Well Written Blog Nominees are:"You're Fired" By Brew

Yeah, I'm not afraid to vote for myself.

The Blog You Learned Something About The Writer Nominees are:"Dirty Little Secrets" By Sip

Sipper digs deep into himself, and shares.

Funniest: "Did The Ox And Lamb Really Keep Time?" By Di

The Best All Around Blog Nominees are:"Accountability To God And Child" By Mullin

bigsip said...

Cheater...Thanks for the vote, though.

Jamison said...

as far as most talked about, i cant just let the one with the most posts win. many posts are off topic...