Friday, January 06, 2006

The Best Blog Posts Of 2005

Despite the hype, I could not garner much interest in voting for these posts. I thought it would be fun, but it appears very few bloggers had any interest.

It took me about 5 to 10 minutes to scan all our blogs (Since I remembered what most were about) to come up with nominees. Since no one else did, choices were slim. Thanks to all 1 of you (Sip) who offered nominees ahead of time.

So, to ease my suffering from a poor idea here are the winners. Please use the comments area for your acceptance speech. There is no real time limit on your speech, but when you hear the music, please step off to stage left:

The Blog which brought in the most topical comments for a long period of time is:

"Unforgiveable, That's What You Are..."By Jamison

The Best blog with the best picture(s) that were topical to the subject goes to:

"Rude Awakening" By Brew

Though it only had one picture, catching a building on fire, at night, on film happens about once in a lifetime by an individual. Good job Brewbaker!

The Most Well Written Blog of 2005 was:

"You're Fired" By Brew
(Tough choice between the two nominees)

The next award goes to the blog in which we, as readers,
learned something new about the writer:

"Dirty Little Secrets" By Sip

(and, if I am allowed to say, the coolest looking award of the lot)

The Funniest Blog Award Goes To:
"Fun In The Hotel Room" By Jamison (No link for obvious reasons)

And The Best All Around Blog Award Goes To:
"Accountability To God And Child" By Mullins


bigsip said...

I'd like to thank the Academy, but there isn't one, so I won't.

Really, you're all too kind. Of course, I'm not sure who voted for what, but it's all cool anyway.

I really do like the award. It's very cool-looking. Maybe I'll print it out and hang it over my desk at home.

I think overall, the awards went to all the right people, except for every award other than mine. Those should have gone to me.

So, thanks and congratulations!

Kidding, all...

This was fun, but I wish there'd been more participation. Come on guys! Wake up out there!

Jamison said...

(Cue music, Sipper walks to the wrong side of the stage, pretty woman in fancy dress smiles at him and turns him to the other side of the stage. Sipper looks confused, then realizes what he is supposed to do. Then, as he walks to the OTHER side of the stage, he smiles to the crowd and holds his award up for all to see. All while wearing a tux.)

Jamison said...

(When my award is called, I send Stubbs up and I hide in my seat. Announcer says over the applause:) "Accepting this award on behalf of Jamison; Stubbs!"

Brewster said...

Sorry I didn't work very hard on nominating. I'm behind on pretty much everything, and that took last place in priorities.

I do dig the idea, although, honestly if we had more people it would be better.

I see Fred has been around, are there any others we want to invite to this little space? Even as commenters it could be fun.

bigsip said...

Fred may not want to be associated with us after he reads some of our comments and blogs.

We get a little rowdy sometimes.

But, I'm certainly all for inviting him! I'd love to have Ryan on here.

mullinz8 said...

I would like to thank all the people who thought this posting sucked least of all!

Someday when I look back on this I’ll recall the memories we shared and the praise you’ve heaped upon me.

So you know, if we take a trip before the next awards and we’re stranded on a desert island this does give me rank and permission to eat each of you to survive. Next year it’s anybodies game.

Jamison, thank you for all of your hard work.

bigsip said...

I still got the coolest-looking award, punk...