Sunday, January 01, 2006


Charlie and I had a great New Years Eve. Our church had a singing night/ pot luck/ white elephant gift exchange. The food was great and there was lots of junk to be enjoyed at the gift exchange. Charlie got stuck with a copy of Little Women.

At one point in the night, our song leader Jimmy was taking requests and writing them on a small pad of paper. It began to get a little chaotic with everyone shouting the numbers to their favorite songs. 338, 72, 850, 659, etc. Charlie then shouts out "991!" He laughs at himself and looks at me and says "There is no 991." Classic Stubbs, right?

About 20 minutes later, our song leader is going down his list of songs and says "ok, now how about 991!" Charlie looks confused a second and says to himself "but there is no 991." Then his eyes get really wide and he realizes that Jimmy actually wrote down the song he shouted. By then, all of the church members realize that Charlie has punked them.


Jamison said...

LOL thats a good one.
He should have requested 728b.
or "Here am I send me". Stubbs cant sing that song with a straight face because I would always say "Here are mice and me"

Diana said...

You've touched his life in a special way, Jamison!

mullinz8 said...

Yeah, I think Stubbs will be going to Hell for that one. Doesn’t it say in Bible to not be the one misleading the church? Sorry Stubbs we’re going to have to excommunicate you from the blog as well. Geez, the guy is finally on and now we have to boot him off.

Speaking of going to hell… As the church was not doing anything for new years Jules and I along with two of her girl friends from work went to a pub in downtown Knoxville, sipped Guinness from the tap and other mixed libations and listened to the last show of a really good 80’s cover band.

Jules and I smooched in the New Year, sipped some champagne and continued to rock out for the next hour and a half.

Being the designated drive, I switched off my Guinness sipping at 11:30 and finally, safely drove everyone home. On the way home I saw one cop and he was in the middle of nowhere with his lights off probably sleeping off his own inhibitions.

Finially at home we… Well it was a good start to the year.

I hope you all had a good one.

Jamison said...

i burnt a christmas tree and got into bed at 9:30pm

Brewster said...

Very stubblefield. Hilarious.

I took a half day on Thursday and all day friday off. Spent it shopping and making scrap books. Amy wanted to make little scrapbooks for her brothers of our time in France.

On a side note I highly recommend that everybody get their film developed at a real film shop and not Walmart or K-mart or whatever big shopping place. You will pay a little more per print, but the quality is so much better.

At walmart you've got some kid making six bucks an hour running the photos through some giant machine that hasn't been checked or maintained in years. At a real photo shop a qualified technician is making sure every picture looks superb.

Saturday went to the in-laws and had second christmas with Amy's family. Went to bed at 11:30 and didn't even realize it was New Years Eve.

Jamison said...

assuming you have some high quality photos on your digital camera, who do you go to to get them printed out...? Say, 8x11 prints?

Brewster said...

For the aforementioned pictures I actually went to Sams because they are cheap and fast and were open. They actually turned out quite well for my 4x6 prints. Normally I go to a local place called Kirkwood photos who do excellent developing.

My suggestion would be to pick up a phone book and find a shop that does only film developing. They are easy to find because they usually have Photo at the end of their name.

You'll pay more, but its worth it.

Charlie said...

All your comments were very nice and everything, but I think you all have gotten off topic, meaning me. Let's focus, people.

bigsip said...

Hey, that Charlie guy is nuts!

Very funny, Charlie. Y'all must have an old book! We have over 1000 song in ours.

If you have an older book, 728B is probably the cofC national anthem "Our God, He Is Alive".


Jamison said...

Sacred Selections... classic

bigsip said...


Why was the title all CAPS? Of course, SONGS OF FAITH AND PRAISE is all CAPS, too...Funny.

Jamison said...


i made that one up