Sunday, November 06, 2005

Total Update

I know the Subject may be misleading, but in a since I'm going to catch you guys up.

Jodi's car was totaled. We found out about a week-and-a-half ago. For the past two weeks it has been my responsibility to take Alexandra to and from school (aka: day-care). Other than the traffic, I have enjoyed every moment of that experience. We'd talk, play, and groove to the music. She loves dance and pop music. She also loves to jabber (speaking of which. I'm doing that now).

During this past week Jodi has been taking as many opportunities to test drive and look for her next vehicle. Yesterday (Saturday) we dropped Alexandra off at a friends house at 8:30 a.m. (we were hoping to be back by 6 p.m.). And we set out to take a slow path that would eventually lead us to B-ham (actually Hoover).

She had decided cars and vans were out. She wanted an SUV that was on a car chassis . That list includes the Honda CRV, Toyota Rav4 and Highlander, Lexus something or another, Chevy Equinox, Buick Rendezvous, Saturn Vue, etc.... Needless to say we test drove many vehicles and were very tired by the end of the day. Well the whole reason we ended up in Hoover was that was the only place that had used Toyota Highlanders. Jodi had driven a new one but was not interested in a new price tag.

To make a long story short, we ended up with a "Salsa Red Pearl" 2005 Toyota Highlander with 11.5K miles. We had two dealers duking it out and ended up with a good deal even without a trade-in.

BTW: no job update for me this week.


Anonymous said...
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Jamison said...

We looked at the highlander too, now that youve done it I can say this safely;

im glad you went with a reliable brand car... ive owned jap cars and ive owned american cars, and everyones experience and situation is different, but neither me, nor my parents, have owned an american car that was considered reliable.

People say this about my toyota truck all the time, and ive found it to be true; just keep the oil changed, and maybe some basical yearly maintenance and you wont have a single thing go wrong with it.

so... when do you plan on telling us all about your plans for the future? the only person they have heard say that you are moving soon is ME! And I have embelished the story with tales of alein abductions, prostitutes, and the occational appearance of antelarus.

kermitgrn said...

All true my friend..but it could be two weeks from now or a year from now...We will see.

bigsip said...

WOW! I didn't realize moving plans could be so flexible!

I haven't heard anything about the jobs I touched base on for you. Hopefully some help will come soon.

I'll see if I can touch base with them again. The Highlander was a great buy!

Rachel and I have a Toyota Sienna and LOVE it. Toyotas and Hondas are about all we'll ever buy for a "family vehicle".

We'll keep praying for y'all Charles!

Jamison said...

charles... your assignment...

Just take 5 or 10 minutes today and tell us all with a blog what is happeneing to you and your family... You know, officially, you havent told any of us, except me, and I only found out by you mentioning it as you chewed on a french fry. And when I exclaimed "WHAT?" you followed with "I thought I told you that?"

bigsip said...

Do tell, Chuck!

We are all interested and want to know exactly what it is we need to pray for.

I do feel your pain, though. I remember how it was being intent on moving, finding a new job, etc. It's an all-consuming sort of endeavor.

It's hard to find time/energy for anything when you're constantly searching the net for jobs, houses, etc. Just let us know what's up, my friend! We all want to know!

mullinz8 said...

I’ll share what I know because Chuck seems to fall in and out of reality.

Jodi got a new gig.

Chucks want to telecommute to AP from where ever Jodi ends up which might be near P-cola.

Jodi was briefly abducted by aliens but quickly escaped before any unusual probing could begin by hurling popular multicolored tubers at the vile creatures from a secret stash she carries in just such an emergency.

Chuck has disposed of two transient types and disposed of their bodies without the required MBS chopping and shipping of bodily remains to his pals because of postal rates and general thoughtfulness of not dragging his mates down with him.

Alex recently became the youngest person to circumnavigate to globe solo in kayak.

Aside from that everything is the norm for Chuck and his brood. If any of this is untrue I’ll let Chuck sort of the differences.

Jamison said...

I was wondering why I got a package with a big toe in it, surrounded by dry ice...

bigsip said...

I was in Pcola last week for two days on business.

Good seafood, nice historic district, and cool place all around!

If they move there, we should all vacation there and crash their place!

Jamison said...

Nope. I heard they may be moving to Vermont.

bigsip said...

I heard Australia recently, too. Hear the weather's nice there this time of year.

BTW, I could have taken a job there. Think it would have been interesting, but not family friendly.