Friday, November 18, 2005

one wild ride

So I've been away from blogging for a while to clear my head. In the mean time I've been thinking about a motorcycle show. I hooked up with a real bike jock here at work and he's connected me to a couple of amazing links, one of which I wanted to share.
There is no need to have a passing interest in riding to absolutely love this site. The root site is a collection of adventure riding logs; this guy the striking viking is amazing. Since I got the link at 10am I've not moved from it until now at 5pm, it's been a slow day.
Breakdown man sells his farm in California, invests cash into a BMW bike, the only bike I'd ever want to own. Makes bike world worthy and ships it to Japan. I'm on page 87 and this guy has traveled on two wheels from Japan to Siberia to Germany, through the Middle East (Gaza, Palestine, West Bank, everywhere) through Nepal and now about to reach Thailand and he's far from done.
This site is full of pictures and one of a kind commentary that's just astounding.


mullinz8 said...

Yeah, he took a boat off of Japan to Russia.
I know someone was thinking of that.

Jamison said...

You know, I have a bad image of "bikers". Not that they are in a "gang" and roam from town to town wreaking havoc, but I am just so sick of this Harley craze.

I see a bike every now and then that I find attractive, but 90% of them are just like the dorks in Gatlinburg during "Rod Run"; Get pipes installed that are as loud as crap.

All these middle aged, 40-something, balding, beer belly men suck in their guts, divorce their wife (or just keep cheating on them) or keep their wife but only on the condition that they get breast implants (like the girl they are cheating with), and buy a Harley and drive it around town with a bullet helmet and some oakley sunglasses that were cool in 1997.

Then, while on the interstate, a hard rain comes and I laugh as we pass them sitting under a bridge waiting for the rain to stop. Ask my wife, I'll see them, do an evil laugh, and sing a mocking-version of "bad to the bone": "Oh yeah, bad to the bone huh? Better get out of the rain mr tough guy with your barbed wire tattoo around your left arm! Geez, thats a new one! When did you think that one up?"

Hopefully, this link will change my tune about "bikers"

Sorry for the rant.

Diana said...

Gosh the mountains in that picture look beautiful.
I have two words. Bike week. When people ask us why I want to move away from Myrtle Beach, that alone is my top reason. Last year, Charlie and I were stuck in traffic for 4 hours trying to get to my dad's cafeteria, which is about five miles away.

mullinz8 said...

If you spend some time on this site I think you’ll find this is not the rod run, bike week crowd. These are the guys that take the experience beyond loud pipes and weekend warrior crap. This guy, striking Viking seems to be the real deal as someone who truly loves his bike and is more than some middle aged yutz.
There is a story he tells when he’s passing through Russia and he’s in this bar that is obviously for locals to get a quick bang and roll on. Maybe I’m na├»ve but when he says he doesn’t bang the very attractive (picture in posts) hooker I believe him. He takes a lot of pictures of beautiful women from his travels and spends some time on the road with some but I think that’s it. Maybe he’s a scum bag but then again maybe he’s just like one of us that can spend time with the opposite sex and have enough moral gumption to not screw it if it moves.
Beyond the point, yeah there are a lot of stupid bikers and those are the ones who go for the crotch rockets and hogs. Then there are the others…

bigsip said...

Looks cool!

It reminds me of when Ewan McGregor and another guy went on an around the World trip and rode motorcycles for most of it. What an adventure!