Saturday, November 12, 2005

Holy Crap!

Check this out.

Last Friday management had our weekly 6:30 AM meeting. My boss mentions that she read in the paper how a person, sharing the same name as one of our employees, was arrested Nov. 1 for stealing $150,000 from the company she worked for. We get all excited trying to figure out if this girl, and our employee were one and the same.

The ages were close, and they lived in the same town. How many people can have the same name, be of the same age and live in the same town, we wondered.

A little later, our employee didn't show up for work. We made calls to the HR department and found out they were one in the same. Since we are a credit card company and our employees deal with other people's financial information every day, we were very concerned. HR called the temp agency we had hired her out of, determined it was the same girl, and immediately terminated her.

Crazy stuff.


Jamison said...

so... dont trust the people who work for the company you have a credit card with is the moral?
Great, I just applied for a visa card last week...

thats exciting actually... was she stupid enough to think she could get away with it?

Diana said...

That's insane!!!

Brewster said...

You can't apply for my card. But yeah, it is kind of scary the ammount of private, personal financial information that I have access to.

I also have access to a website that will literally tell me the names/phone numbers/address of your relatives, neighbors, since you were born. Moved you say? I know all your addresses and their neighbors.

bigsip said...

What company do you work for, Brew?

Why can't we get the card? Don't need another right now or anything. Just wondering.

You have to wonder if the girl was disgruntled or if she was just out for money. It's scary how many people are out there with the keys to personal information who could go postal on our credit/bank accounts!

Brewster said...

Um I'm not going to give the name of my company here. I doubt anyone from my company would read this, but I prefer to let it remain anonymous.

You couldn't get my card because we don't have an open application process right now. Which means we find you. Which means we buy lists of names and then either telemarket or direct mail market them. We're something of a niche market, and we like to look for specific types of people.

Sorry if it sounded like I was saying you weren't good enough for my card.

Besides you wouldn't want it, our interest rates are quite high

bigsip said...

I figured you probably would want to "keep it secret, keep it safe."

I understand now. Buying and selling names lists. Geez Louise! I'm actually glad I'm not on the list.

Rachel said...

Back in Augusta, a lady with the same name as my mom, even the middle initial, was written up in the paper for drunk driving. People at church were concerned, esp. her being the preacher's wife and all.