Monday, November 07, 2005

Seminal Moments

I just had a seminal moment.

These are moments in your life that you'll always remember as turning-points.

The moment you knew you were going to spend your life with your soon-to-be wife.

The moment you found out you were going to have a baby.

The moment you became a Christian.

Today, Rachel called me and let me know how she and Luke were doing. She put the phone up to Luke's ear and let me talk to him as usual. I didn't expect him to say anything, as usual.

Then he said it! "Daddy."

In that word, I could hear "I love you more than I can express."

It was at that moment I knew something close to how much God love us.

A seminal moment of the highest degree.


tnmommieof2 said...

you gave me chills sip....the first time my boys said momma will be forever in my memory...dontcha just love being a daddy?

bigsip said...

Sister, I do!

That kind of love is different. It's probably the purest, most sincere thing you'll ever see from another human being.

However, I feel that way about Rachel and I know she does about me, too.

But, with a child, you don't ever have to wonder. They just love. It's as natural as breathing.

Diana said...

That was such a cute story. It sort of brought me down memory lane. The night I knew I'd marry Charlie was actually the night I got baptized, so it was a great night on many levels.

mullinz8 said...

Being me I was waiting for a punch line like “… and then he broke wind.”

It’s a wonderful feeling. Last night Isaac was going to sleep on the couch and I was reading when he looked up and quietly said, “Daddy lay down with me.” It’s those moments in between asserting that he’s “four and a half” and not just four and crashing hot wheels with tanks that let you know they still need you not only as a mentor, father and friend but as a big warm security blanket. Before Extreme Home Makeover went off and he fell asleep he was running his fingers across my head hardly able to hold his eye open, eventually he relented and fell asleep knowing I was right there, you guys are missing something good.

bigsip said...

Dude, we must have been crossing karma last night or something. Luke fell asleep on me caressing my face while watching the same TV prog...weird.

I'm about to go home in 15 mins and I can't wait! When I get there, Luke will scream "Daddy!" and literally run across the house for a hug. That, my friends, is an awesome feeling.

Charlie said...

I was going to put something smart alec-y here, but I decided against it.
You're welcome.

bigsip said...

Dude, I wouldn't have cared it's been so long since you've posted ANYTHING!

There's my smart-alecy remark...Good to see you, Charlie!

mullinz8 said...

This person is familiar to me but I can’t remember why. Someone fill me in, who is this guy?

When I get home after Jules has picked up the boys they hear the door and everything stops. They hear the keys jingle and Isaac runs to where he can see me and yells Daddy and then does a silly scream. Caleb now follows his brothers every move down to the silly scream which at 18 mo is a contorted growl. Other days he just charges me hoping that he can knock me over with his ferocious welcome home.