Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Hot Topic

For the last several weeks I’ve been writing a group article with some pals from Blogcritics. It’s called the Hot Topic and we basically discuss anything and everything. Kind of like we do around here, but it’s way more organized, and we publish it to a world wide audience.

Each week, one of us comes up with a topic and kind of a thesis statement. Then the rest of the gang chimes in with their perspective and we go from there. So far we have discussed, Buying Music at Starbucks, the Death of Cooking, and Favorite Scenes. My turn to come up with a subject is near, and I need some help.

So, I’m soliciting ideas on what I should present as my Hot Topic. I want to stay away from politics and religion because those topics can go sour so quickly, but anything else is up for grabs. Me being me, I’m thinking of something along the lines of movies or music, but I’m really up for anything interesting.

To get you started, my idea for the moment is something along the lines of foreign films. Too many people, including my mom, hate foreign films. Don’t like to “read” them. But there are so many brilliant films out there that happen to be in a separate language. It’s a shame to miss them. Problem with this topic is that I’m not sure how much discussion I can get out of it.

So, bring me your ideas, or expound upon my own.



Jamison said...

I dont know much about your group there, but I dont see your topic idea to be bringing in too many comments.

How about alarm clocks? Why is it that 90% of the people we know set their alarm clocks to be 5, 8, even 15 minutes fast? You know how fast they are, and if you wake up and want 10 more minutes of sleep, you can say "my clack is fast anyway" and doze off again? Why do we feel like we have to live a lie?

just kidding, sounded funny though.

bigsip said...

I really like foreign films, but I think amison is right. The topic wouldn't generate much interest.

I'd say go for something more along the lines of books and the future of books.

LOTS of books are going to online formats or ebooks. We have ezines, blogs, enewsletters, etc. etc. etc.

Does this spell the doom of material in print? Will books endure?

mullinz8 said...

Everyone loves to speculate and theorize on something they think they know the most about.

Why is modern cinema falling short of its mega-million dollar budgets?

What is the future of social communication with the onset of blogs and email?
Do people expect to communicate differently now than 20 years ago. How?

Are individuals communicating with a greater vastness of individuals or are people still forming social cliques online based on similar interests and tastes?

Do people still know how to interact with each other or will e-communication replace social behavior?

Is e-comm easier than face to face? Why?

Does e-communication jeopardize modern news gathering. Too many opinioned, fact less cooks are spoiling the pot.

Does this blog make my butt look fat.

Honestly, would you rather go for a walk of do computer stuff.

My personal favorite and the one I think about the most is this: With the extent of technology and taxing of ones time can you imagine a social revolt against the pervasiveness of a wired life?

Jamison said...

WHy is it that you can make an "independant film" about virtually nothing and get no recognition? But put two gay men as the main characters, and the film is up for every award known to man.

Brewster said...

Leave it to Mullins to give me 50 issues. The communication issue might be good. I was just thinking of a cell phone discussion

bigsip said...

OH, do Cell Phones! They are despicable!

Jamison said...

yet without one, no telling what would have happened to me that night I had the wreck....

God have mercy on my wife if she hits a thugs car at night by herself and she doesnt have a cell phone...

bigsip said...

True, they have good uses.

At least the cell phone didn't cause the wreck. Of course, "Miss Don't Call the Polees" might have been using one at the time.

Sorry, I just see so many people almost killing themselves and others talking on those things while driving.

They are good for emergencies, though. Rachel had one when she was driving back and forth to UGA and it helped her during a couple of breakdowns.

Brewster said...

Cell phones certainly have their uses. They are handy and practical and helpful in emergencies.

Of course, you woulnd't have seen the dude after the car wreck, because the girl couldn't have called him on her cell phone.

the world turned for many a year before the invention of the cell phone.

To me, cells, like a lot of technologies, have isolated us more than drawn us together.

And further killed courtesy.

How many people do you see at McDonalds/Walmart/name your store trying to order/check out while talking on the phone. HOw rude!

How often are people in the middle of a conversation with someone next to them, only to stop and ignore b/c of the phone?

For some reason people can't seem to understand that just because the cell phone rings, doesn't mean they have to answer.

bigsip said...

Next time someone tries to talk to me, I'll turn to them and say, "Let me get this." Then, walk away and pick up some trash and put it in the trash can, thus totally ignoring them.

That's the way I feel when I'm talking to someone and they don't finish the conversation, but answer the cell phone.

I'm second place to a machine. That sucks!

Jamison said...

Very true... I have seen it happen in resturants. Two seemingly good friends talking over lunch. Ones cell phone rings and she answers it, mid sentence of her other friend. Her other friend is left to sit there, looking embarassed.

Same resturant, different lady. She has this HUGE handsfree set on her head. I could have sworn she just stepped out of a call center. Sitting alone, taling loudly.

I am wearing a ball cap. I open my then-flip phone up, and jam the ear end up under my hat so that the phone is not hands free. I pretend to be talking on it loudly as I pass the lady. It got a few smiles.

bigsip said...


That's too funny!

Yes, I see this all the time and yes, it IRKS me.

tnmommieof2 said...

arghh...drives me batty when people come into the bank on the phone, and just shove the transaction at me and expect me to read their mind as to what to do with it...for the love of pete just get off the phone!!

sorry brew, no ideas about your subject...just wanted to vent about cell phones...

bigsip said...

I think cell phones might end up being his subject after he see all this material.

Those things are EVERYWHERE!

Jamison said...

Discuss the picture being displayed on the TV on this webpage:

Warning, image may disturb some viewers.

woot is awesome. One item per day at rock bottom prices... but they have a sense of humor and always have some pdd wording or pictures like this one...

bigsip said...

Um, beastiality, anyone?

mullinz8 said...

Brew I think you’ve found you topic…

Here is the thing all these new technologies have their place but why is it that they all come with socially alienating price. Phones used to be for emergencies and casual conversation now they are a ritualized part of life. I can remember going out to play and being told to come home when the street lights come on. On Nickelodeon they are selling working single price mock, walk-e-talky phones to kids.

I recently read a story about the increase of hearing loss thanks to iPod head phones. I think I’m subject to the same thing using my iTunes to block out office noise at work.

Chat rooms have replaced social communicating. Brew I have to tell you now that you’re happily married but I thought you were cracked to be chasing some girl on line. I mean you can sit in you house and chat or surf avoiding dealing with people or you can go to starbucks and chat and surf and sip coffee while otherwise avoiding people.

We don’t have a home phone and I love it. I’ve only given my number out to people who might have to call me or family and friends.

At work the few times the email goes down you will actually see people sitting at their desk anxiously waiting for its restoration or walking around. Either way without it they stop working.

I know Jules might keel over but I’d love to cultivate a trade or craft and walk away from the world sort of like a self imposed Swiss Family Robinson. To think I’m not even attached to the wi-fi world.

bigsip said...

Mullins, enter thy hermitage. You'll write the next Walden. I can see it now!

Disconnecting is wonderful. When we go visit my parents out in the "middle-of-nowhere" I feel at peace because I know the world around me at work is gone. Nobody knows or cares where I am and I can rest.

It's a liberating feeling.

Jamison said...

Mullins, I have always told my wife that one day I want to do nothing but build wood furniture for a living. At this point I think i'd rather just own about 100 acres and have a fishing club located on it. $50 a month membership. $500 annual family membership. $5,000 lifetime membership. If I have any computer problems, I can trash the computer, cuz I wont need it.