Monday, October 17, 2005

Yeah, my Mom works for the Governor

Some of you already know this, but my Mom has hated her job at Colonial Bank for a long time.

She's been looking for a way out, but she needed the job to keep insurance for herself and my Dad. So, she stuck with the job for 11 years through other people coming and going. Even through moving the entire staff out of the building because of OSHA violations and working out of a double-wide trailer for 2 years with little or no security. Plus, her boss gives the trm "jerk" a new definition.

In any case, my Mom and Dad are good friends with the mayor of Luverne and his wife. His wife is in her late 60s and decided to finally retire from her position on the Voter Registration Board.

Long story short, she told my Mom that she'd recommend her, but that it was a Governor-appointed position.

So, she was recommended back in late June, then had to wait all this time until just a few days ago, she got a letter from Governor Riley appointing her to the Board!

In any case, it's a huge answer to prayers and a really cool thing for my Mom!


mullinz8 said...

Man that's great!

So who do I talk to about these parking tickets...

bigsip said...

Well, my friend, I'm afraid we can't help you there.

Of course, if you ever need to get registered to vote in Crenshaw County Alabama, we'll hook you up!

Jamison said...

i kind of hope chrensaw county has a "hanging chad" issue sometime... that way we will see your mom on TV

bigsip said...

She'd be the one telling everyone to calm down.

I love my Mom. She's one cool lady!

Stacy said...

That's awesome :)

Hey Rachel -- I'm getting down to the nitty gritty with my DW planning and TGM and want to do lunch again.

I also wanna see if my sis-in-law (who is helping me plan and is probably more familiar with TGM than I am) could go, too. We have questions :)

A Monday lunch would be really great. Let me know!


Diana said...

Poor Chad.
Great for yo mama!

Jamison said...

a good example of a post/comment that is a better email than a post/comment :) (see the stacey comment)... though outsiders comment on the blog are great!!!