Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vice President is for Torture

Scary stuff boys. Scary stuff.

So what say ye pundits of the cafe. Should the US violate Geneva Conventions to protect us from terror? Can we do basically whatever we want to keep us safe?


bigsip said...

I'm not a pundit.

Torture and inhumane treatment shouldn't be done, period.

It's that simple to me.

mullinz8 said...

First, is any one really surprised this is happening, not that the US obviously admits to horrific tactics in the greater cause of freedom, bit-o irony there no?
But that they would want to continue to do so in the midst of telling on others what they should and shouldn’t do.
Vp Cheney has done nothing but live up to his name.

Torture is torture is torture no matter who is doing it and for what measures.

Yeah the reason people behead and kill American citizens is because the US does things far worse that everybody BUT the American public knows about.

I would guess the average American GI is a fine person but if you put anyone in constant combat situations and constantly know that they want to kill you it’s a simple step to manipulate them into something else. Frankly I think the Government knows this and that’s why the CIA uses second and third parties to do their dirty work.

Doesn’t make it right…

I’m going to string this into a new post that a friend and I had a heated discussion about yesterday.

Jamison said...

frankly, it doesnt scare me in the least. what scares me is terrorists hiding information and refusing to tell us, possibly putting american lives at stake. If putting mindless murderers in a room with loud heavy metal music while dropping water on their forehead is what it takes to keep us safer, where's my water gun?

Honestly, you all would change your tune faster than you can say "hypocrite" if your wife and children were kidnapped and the government had the only man who knew where they were. Would you mind this man being forced to deal with a headache without tylenol so that you can find your family again?

"Torture" today isnt like the middle ages guys. We arent putting these people on racks and tearing out their inyards. Torture today is more like discomfort.

Honestly, though, I am not "for" it, but id hardly call anything described in that article as "cruel"

Nice article, BTW, from one of the most libreal, left leaning newspapers in America. I could have told you what paper it was from just by reading the last little line the writer tossed in there. First guess would have been the NY times, second would have been the washington post.

Brewster said...

How do we know all of these guys are mindless murderers? The government won't even tell us who half of these guys are. Is it possible some of them are not terrorists?

Call me a Christian, but my Bible doesn't say its ok to torture terrorist. There is a lot about love and forgiveness, but torture seems to be out.

Maybe you think mock executions, simulated drownings, deliberate and well, the death of at least four folks ok, but in my book that's pretty messed up. Death, yep I'd say that's a bit too far by any standard.

And I'm not sure its just witholding tylenol from guys with headaches. Pain medication comes in a lot of forms for a lot of pains.

So what, I can't quote from the Washington Post. I gotta get my quotes from Republican papers? Maybe a clip from Fox news suits your taste?

Jamison said...

a clip from fox news would suit your tastes as good as one from the washington post would suit mine.

Look, if it came to a vote (which it wont) id vote against it. A civilized country like ours doesnt need to use those tactics. But it doesnt scare me.

And is it out of the question that the government not tell the american public EVERYTHING? Heck, they say one thing it is all over the news. Do ya think SOME things need to be kept (gasp) confidential?

Brew, are you mad at me? j/k