Monday, October 31, 2005

The worlds most dangerous blog

This blog is the worlds most dangerous blog. How so? Well, for one thing, we do two things that you are taught to never do socially:

1) We talk about religion
2) We talk about politics

These topics are frowned upon in our society because they are two topics that people feel strongly about and are not likely to change their opinions about, hence, arguments come up.

I personally dont like to bring these topics up, even among friends. Debates are fine, but when we get close to arguing, I dont like it. I try to stand my ground and my positions, but I typically get drowned out by conspiracy rhetoric or "if that is bad, then this is bad" arguments, and it just turns into a circle where we end the argument feeling the same way as we did when we started, accomplishing very little.

However, one thing I like about us as friends. Though these topics are heated, we avoid two dangerous things:

1) We don't take personal attacks at each other
2) We don't call each other names

An outsider may see our blogs and think "How can these people be friends?" But then they will notice that there are no personal attacks on one another.

I will say this;
While the political and religious blogs are annoying, they do allow me to think more. Particularly the religious ones. That is a good thing.

This is NOT a call to stop all religious and political comments. It is just something I noticed. That good life long friends can have heated arguments and not have any personal attacks on each other. I noticed NO girls were posting in some of those posts which made me assume they either had no clue as to what we were talking about, or afriad to get in the middle of the 'fight'.


bigsip said...

I'm all for keeping the political and religious discussions going.

I just have no desire to speak from a political pov. I don't like politics. I don't "side" with ANY politician. I abide by the "laws of the land" and I exercise my right to vote, and that's good enough for me.

I am a citizen of the US, but my allegiance lies wiwth Christ. Thus, the government I am a part of is the one in which He is prophet, priest, and king.

All this other stuff is sophomoric and useless in my opinion.

So, let the discussions continue. But, don't look for much from me other than the general "I disdain this discussion" comments.

Religiously, however, I'll debate. It's fun and I think it helps us all grow. So, it's meaningful in many ways, even if we don't change our views.

I like this blog and I love all of you.

mullinz8 said...

Jamison, Sipper, Brew…
I hate you all I think you’re all truly afraid to take an active stance on a topic because once you do you have to act on it. I think you’re all self-serving bastards of the highest caliber and would screw your bosses’ dog if it would get you a raise. All your mothers are fat and ugly and your children are silly looking. Together you have the cumulative IQ of a toe nail. I wouldn’t feed you my dog’s food for fear of you sticking it up your noses. You have the moral objections of Genghis Kahn and Jack Kevorkian’s lovechild. Your cooking abilities make me want to sniff your dogs butt for him. Your lovemaking, so I’ve heard, is as awkward as a blind chipmunk lathered in peanut butter, not knowing where to grab which nuts first. Your driving ability is on par with a drunken Steve Wonder. If you were a pilot on a plane I was on I would hope for a terrorist hijacking.

Oh by the way, you’re right, my crap DOESN’T stink…

mullinz8 said...

yeah I was just kidding, except for the cooking part.

I'd rather have beet salad...

Brewster said...

Don't knock blind chipmunk lathered in peanut butter sex until you've tried it.

Brewster said...

We have been debating these same topics forever. But what else is there to talk about?

I skipped church last night for no good reason at all. Actually, it was *gasp* because I was watching Bowling for Columbine and kind of lost track of time.

I work 12-9 today.

Happy Halloween.

I'm just kidding. I get tired of it too. But it seems we're passionate about these things and they keep popping there heads up.

bigsip said...

You mean, I shouldn't be sticking my dogs' food up my nose?

Funny, Mullins. Your eloquence astounds and confuses.

Like I said, let's all keep discussing whatever. I just get tired of the political stuff quickly.

Brew, have you ever heard of a mag called "Personal Writing"?

It is for bloggers, journal writers, etc. Might be a good mag for you! I got a free one for some posting/writing I did on the Writer's Digest forums and it seemed to fit you well.

Jamison said...

beet salad? whens lunch?

bigsip said...

There should be a promotional service announcment for beets.

"Eat beets, what a feat."

or something like that.

Anonymous said...

we need to stop...

bigsip said...

Hi, Anonymous. Is it the royal "we" to whom you are referring? We (not the royal "we") don't know you.

Show thyself!

Jamison said...

sorry, it was me, jamison, didnt realize i wqas annony

bigsip said...

Ah, ok. In that case, yes, I'll stop.

Jamison said...

i was joking, it was all so funny, but too much talk about beets... someone will catch on

bigsip said...

Danger Blog!

Hey, so let's discuss religion or something.

I like playing instruments with gospel music! Holy moly!

BTW, guys. Last practice, George said he wanted me to play the acoustic bass so he could play guitar.

I did and I LOVED it! Very fun. I told him he could play his guitar from now on as far as I'm concerned. I think I'm hooked!

mullinz8 said...

For us to get in trouble about razzing the beets that someone would actually have to log on and take an interest in what the rest of us are doing. Sorry mystery dude, we love you any way.

I thought Jamison topic of masturbation was a keen stepping stone. Lubed or non-lubed? Really I think it’s a mood think… Actually we really don’t have to tread this path.

Speaking of slappin’ something, Sipper has picked up the upright bass, nice. I’ve always liked the idea of playing bass and have considered it several times. Traditionally it’s two less strings than I usually worry about so that’s a good thing for me. If you’re going to commit to this monster get yourself some thin white tape so that you can create positioning frets so that as you’re learning you’re not constantly positioned slightly off the note.

Still my dream is a hammered dulcimer. Maybe I should consider buying one of Jules cousins violin. Same tuning as a mandolin except for the bowing it’s the same general idea.

Maybe a harmonica…

bigsip said...

George already hass the tape placed. I have a pretty good idea of all the keys i need for the stuff we play.

I play mostly by ear, though. That's the cool thing about it to me. It's really really easy to play if you have a pretty good ear.

mullinz8 said...

Here is the point that will bring us full circle to the “this is why I believe what I do, take it or leave it” stance.

I recently printed out Amazing Grace for the old guitar. Since our lives are supposed to be a work of praise and worship to Christ though we are not in the predetermined and humanly “time-of-worship” should we play such things?

I don’t like the idea of segregating my life between moments where I should be engaged in praise and moments when I should be secular. If I can sing and play like a dream I should give thanks to God by doing that which he has blessed to do.

Pt. 2. Again, say I’m an amazing picker and grinner. In service I sing without accompaniment. When I go to work or play I sing in a Christian band with accompaniment.

You find the sin…

bigsip said...

Dude, we've discussed this down to the gnat's behind, too.

Here's my "big idea" for why I don't go for the instrumental music stuff:

I think it excludes people when some people are playing instruments and others aren't. Worship is, by definition, and inclusive, unified act when we assemble.

There's a time and place for all things. I just don't feel the worship assembly is the time or place for instruments. It's all so showy and it makes people want to put you on a pedestal and pat you on the back.

The purpose is to recognize and praise God, not the guys playing the instruments. And, I've seen enough people deify the "players" to know it happens. I just think it's taking the focus off God and putting on men, so it's treading on some very dangerous ground there.

mullinz8 said...

Why do you sing religious songs? Is it a form of praise or entertainment?

Jamison said...

mullins - toilet paper tube - silk boxers.... GO!

Diana said...

So, I don't really understand why so many C of Cer's listen to contemporary Christain music. Most of it has instruments in it, so what's the difference?

mullinz8 said...

Sipper, care to address Di's question?

Outside of the service you can listen to what ever you want guitars, lutes, harps, fugal horns, what ever. Just don't bring it into the church building because the walls will fall down.

Unless of course you're playing bluegrass.

I think this ground though it might have patches of ware is still growing strong. There are times I hear a song and think that it is an amazing work of praise and thank God for that gift of music, singer and lyrics.

Yes, many praise the singer, it’s their job to redirect the adoration. When you guys sang at FU did you not get applause and say that was a really good performance and then thank God for that ability to praise him and entertain people at the same time?

Have we all not clapped hearing those tarts Cornerstone, no instruments and they took that praise to their heart.


I like some contemporized Christian music, I like my services sans accompaniment for Biblical and personal reasons.

I don’t think listening to Josh and Jamison singing about God while playing a mando and guitar is a sin.

Di’s comment has every “praise, traditional or hymn” song you sing with accompaniment a sin.

Jamison said...

i actually HAVE christian rock/pop music. It is some of the worst music ive ever heard. Forget the words. If you took the words out, it would still suck.

I see nothing wrong with playing a religious song, outside of worship. Worship is not accidental. You cant "accidentally" worship God. I mean, look how they worshiped in the OT, you cant just stubmle onto a worship setting. And still cant today. You can PRAISE god and GLORIFY God in the things you do and say, but worship is seperate, and it shouold be treated more holy.

so sing and play lie a dream and give God the glory for your ability. Tell people about God this way. Go to gigs and talk to people about Jesus, people who woulnt listen to you if you werent so good at playing guitar...

Brewster said...

I've never heard a contemporary christian pop/rock/rap/whatever song that I liked. The music consistently sucks and much of the lyrics are tripe. Though sometimes the melody and lyrics are actually good and work well as devo songs. Production value on most of the stuff is terrible. Over produced, too sappy.

I always thought the chorus at FU was treading a pretty thin line. They are singing worship songs in front of an audience, who then applaud the performance. There isn't much difference in that and having a choir at church.

I'm a big fan of folk music. Many folkies sing gospel songs. When Jerry Garcia sings Amazing Grace or Johnny Cash sings Wayfaring Stranger I love it. But to me it moves a step away from worship. It is a worship song and in a sense I am moved sort of spiritually, its different than sitting in church.

I listen to Johnny sing and play the guitar and am moved by the music and the performance moreso than feeling worshipful, if that makes sense.

In the same way, if by yourself you pick up a guitar and sing He Bore It All thats a personal thing. Do it before an audience and its different, and does thread a line. But is it sin? I don't know

mullinz8 said...

Brew, why is Cash singing a spiritual song different from me singing one.

Sin or not I’m not sure what separates the two. When Cash sings those songs I’d imagine it’s to put an image into someone’s mind that may have not been there before and that image is of Christ’s redemption or what ever spiritual matter is mentioned.

Is he encouraging faith while I’m reassuring mine and that’s what’s different?

Jamison said...

when i said "HAVE" in my last comment, I meatn HATE... sorry

Jamison said...

mullins, worship is different from just glorifying God with your gifts... I know you understand this difference...
you dont cosider buying a lottery ticket as worship do you? What about your job? Is editing a reel worship to God? No. But it glorifys God so long as you give him the praise and glory for giving you the talent to perform such a job to earn money for your family.

Brewster said...

The difference in my eyes is that I am passively listening to Cash, while if I pick up a guitar I am actively singing.

Tis true that in some way I assemble the information that Cash sings, and if it is a spiritual song then in some way I'm hearing a message, but to me it is different.

Diana said...

So contempo Christian isn't really worship, it just happens to be about God.

Jamison said...

yeah, basically...i mean, when we talk about God, we arent worshiping him.

heck, praying to God isnt worshiping Him.

Worshiping God, is worshipping Him.

mullinz8 said...

Now we can all listen to as much Christian music as we want to!

The late Rich Mullins, no relation, was an amazing Christian singer, he wrote Our God is an Awesome God and Step By Step and several others that or devo standards.

His music is very acoustic and rootsie.

I'm fine with this but I don't think this was the common thought just a short time ago...

Jamison said...

you are right, there are still some wacko college kids that may go to a devo at church on thursday nights, when we have out bluegrass practice...

they may walk by the room we practice in and are aghast that musical intruments would be allowed in the church!

Id hate to think what they would say if they heard us playing and singing "Jesus hold my hand"...

mullinz8 said...

Still it goes back to Di's postings on this.

It's about a seperation of worship and praise. I think those words are interchangeable at some points but there is the activity of worshiping in a structured manner and then praising God through everything else you do.

bigsip said...

Y'all all said it well.

I think there's a divide between worshiping in an assembly at an assigned time and just playing around having a good time with good, clean music.

Worship is when we come together to tell God how much He means to us. It's for Him. If we're unified in our worship and doing it for Him, I think He's pleased.

I think that's wwhy instruments aren't brought into worship in the NT. He wants everyone to worship together and not have animosity or diviisions of any type, especially within the worship assembly.

When we sit around and play on Thusday nights, we all know it's for fun, not worship. Although we can do that together, we know that bringing it into worship would be divisive, not only in a doctrinal manner, but a philosophical way.

I think people in the church want to please God and be unified in worship. God wants to be worshipped and not overlooked because we want to be entertained.

Anyway, it's a good discussion, but we've worn this one out a few times already.