Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Totaled or not totaled, that is the question...

Jodi, got in a wreck a few days ago...What is this going around in our group? I think we are the third so that should make everyone else safe ("bad news travels in threes"). No-one was hurt and it was her fault (If you want more details scroll).

Well, We did not think it was as much damage as it looks like it is. The repair estimate is somewhat high, and it might just be over the threshold. We are waiting to hear and I will post as we find out more. We may be in the market for another car. Stay tuned!

Accident Report:
She was turning across Vaughn road from where the French Quarter Cafe used to be. She saw it was clear looked the other direction to make sure it was clear. Started going and by that time someone else had turned from the other shopping center into a lane she was about to cross...on thing lead to another bada-bing...bada-boom. She was at fault.


bigsip said...


Is she alright? I'm assuming so since I'm sure you'd tell us if she wasn't.

What type of car will y'all be looking for?

By the way, you need to post about her new job, moving, selling your house, etc.

Blog it baby!

kermitgrn said...

Hey, instead of blogging about jobs etc I'll send a mass e-mail. I'm waiting till I have a chance to talk with Dave about my job situation. Once that pans out, I'll give everyone the low-down.


Jamison said...

THANK YOU CHUCK!!! we wait with baited breath...

hey, sorry about your wife having a wreck. My friend, get on your knees and thank God she didnt get MF-ed up and down like I did. COnsider her lucky. I love insurance.

bigsip said...

Sweet, Enquiring minds want to know...

It's hard to break up with a boss sometimes. Hope the conversation with Dave goes well.

We'll continue to pray for y'all.

mullinz8 said...

Jodi should have pulled out her Glock and opened fire on traffic that way she cold feel bad for something more than just causing the accident.

I’m guessing that Alex wasn’t in the car, if so or not at least no one was hurt. I remember getting in a really bad accident, the day before Jules and I got to FU from Spring Break. I was terrified when I realized the car that turned in front of me had a back seat full of kids.
God was dealing me some lucky cards that day.

Yeah, I know ya’ll like me putting God and playing cards together.

Brewster said...

Sorry Charles. Glad to hear the missus is ok. Hate that it happened though. Insurance is grand, but its still a hassle to go through.

Diana said...

Gracious. I'm glad she's ok.
What was this about bad news coming in threes? Did I miss one and two???

Jamison said...

im thinking:
1) Jody got a job in florida which means they will be moving soon

2) Charles' refusal to fill us in on said information, where-by I would safely assume that had we never proded him for this information he may very well have moved and never told us (I'm spitballing here of course)

3) Jody's accident