Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Willie Nelson Busted for Pot

254605~Willie-Nelson-PostersIt’s official, our drug policy must change. Willie Nelson, 73 year old troubadour, poet, and maker of music was arrested yesterday for drug possession. During a traffic stop in North Georgia, the State Trooper said he smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the tour bus.

Well, duh! It’s Willie Nelson’s bus. The guy is an avid pot smoker and the whole world knows it. But dude, he’s a legend, you’re supposed to give him a pass. I mean, what harm is Willie Nelson going to do? Play a bad song? Tell a bad joke?

During a search of the bus, the Trooper found 1 ½ pounds of marijuana and approximately 2/10ths of a pound of mushrooms.

Mushrooms? Willie, you’ve been a bad boy.

Willie and the band were issued citations and released .

For the full news story (though I pretty much covered it) click here.


Jamison said...

He was hardly "arrested". He was basically given a ticket. I have a wierd feeling that if a trooper found over a pound of MJ in my car I would get it a bit rougher than Willie did.

midnitcafe said...

Depends on the cop, place and you. Actually I'm not sure how much pot moves you from possession to intent to sell.

I've known a few folks busted for the drug and they usually spend the night in jail, pay a fine and have their license suspended (they were driving while high)

Of course once you hit the intent to sell level you are in major trouble

bigsip said...

He just played the Riverfront Amphitheatre here in Montgomery last weekend.

I think it's funny that they got caught. Still smokin' weed in his 70s...that's a trip...

midnitcafe said...

I am really getting old. I forgot until just now that Mullins had sent this in an e-mail. I thought I was being new.

See I have this habit of scouring google news and digg for interesting stories to post on my blog. Found this thought it appropriate and wrote it. Totally forgot it was old news.

It sucks getting old.