Tuesday, September 12, 2006

comedy goes spacey

Well it’s happening, the show is going high-tech. As some of you have noticed our latest Press release has been sent out and at the bottom of the page was a link to our MySpace page. I had another guy make the page and it’s going to be a work in progress but it could be interesting nonetheless.

We’re trying to step a few things up performance wise over the next little while so who knows what’s going to happen.

We did some walk around stuff at the Knoxville Children’s Hospital on Monday and it was a lot of fun. I recently bought 145 foam clown noses to give out during shows and at PR functions and they were a big hit at Children’s.
At anyrate I just wanted to post something that would knock that five pound bass out of the top slot and show off our new GFX, though some of you have already seen it.


bigsip said...

Best of luck, Mullins!

I hope the show continues to be a hit.

Brewster said...

So, what's the myspace address

bigsip said...

Only thing I don't like about the myspace thing is you have to have one to read and post to your site for some reason.

I already have enough "memberships" to stuff. I'm afraid it might deter other would-be visitors from coming to your site, too.

Jamison said...

I hate myspace with a passion and refuse to join the ranks... Brew, RaChaelle (spelling) posted a comment on KellieJs site... havet heard that name in years...

oh, and it was easily 7 pound bass.

Brewster said...

I hate the layout of myspace. They design they give you is awful. make that gawd awful. You can make changes to it but you have to be pretty swift with coding.

That being said I've started to get into it. Everybody has a myspace and you can pretty easily hook up with others.

Its also a big marketing tool, which is perfect for what you're doing mulls.

Ryan F. said...

Yeah, I pretty much felt the same as Jamison. I signed up for an account so that I could monitor the pages of the kids in my youth group. A couple people found out I had a page and asked to be my friend. Before you knew it, I had over 40 friends. All people I haven't seen in years that we went to Faulkner with. Now, I get on there just to keep in touch with the Bastedos, Shane's, and others of the world.

mullinz8 said...

I’ve not wanted a myspace page ever but like Brew said it’s a great tool especially if you’re trying to market something on an electronic grassroots level. It’s an instant, personal connection. When you get your groups or whatever organized you can send out mass messages and what not. For instance we’re going to be sending out a notice to all the folk’s one of the FVS guys knows in Knoxville.

I know tons of people who have a site and they love it, for that reason alone we’ll keep this site up because it’s recognizable and everyone knows what it’s about. Just like Fred, once people know you have a site they check up on you, before you know it…

The layout is awful, considering how nasty it really is I’m surprised the whole thing caught on.

If you get really bored here is the URL:

I wrote the first blog entry yesterday and I have to think it’s pretty witty. At least it’s good enough for the FVS site.

Josh, it is a pretty fish.

bigsip said...

Thanks, Mullins!

I think MySpace is good for getting the word out. Hope y'all can use it to your advantage.

Best of luck, my friend!

tnmommieof2 said...

go see my page... myspace.com/tnmommieof2
yes i know...i'm a dork for havin
one...but its a cool way to keep up
with folks......

kellieja said...

im a myspace dork. Mat I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you see my profile in the near future. I have finally managed to learn enough code to lose the generic myspace layout. Still working on it but i think you will like it.

Brewster said...

Kellie J I hate to sound dumb, but what did you do. It looks the same. You will have to tell me how you're adding the cool little boxes around your friends and the other pics.

Is that all photoshopped?

You can totally manipulate all the code in myspace but it is a pain in the butt to do.

I still prefer blogs. And ashamedly even though I'm myspaced up and have added FU as my school, not a single Faulknerite has jumped in to say hi. Was I that big a loser?

kellieja said...

It is still the same. I am working on it outside of myspace but I think I am about to scrap it.
Sometime you have to add a friend to get a friend. If you were a loser than I was a loser.