Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Job Fair

We went to the mall today because they were having a job fair. Now I have been to several job fairs as an employer looking for new hires, but never as someone looking for work. I have also not had to look for work in about five years. I was quite nervous before we left.

At all the job fairs I have attended there have been multiple (35-100) companies there. Often they have applications to fill out on site and I have even seen companies who will do immediate interviews.

The mall had about 10 companies. More than half of them were temporary employment agencies, some of which we’ve already been too. Some of the others were McDonalds, the Army, and some financial firm looking for suckers. There was anothe trucking company that looked interesting, and they guy talked my ear off, but he didn’t have any applications, or any information on what jobs they might have available.. He directed me to a website where I could apply. The other place was some sort of help for the elderly but the lady brushed me off and asked me to tell others about them. Tell others, why would I do that when she wouldn’t give me the time of day.

So it was an immediate and total failure.

Being in the mall we wondered around for a bit and saw a sign in a Dick’s Sporting goods looking for employees. Amy picked up and application and we wondered why a mall couldn’t even get the companies that are located inside them for their job fair.

Next door they are opening a Bed, Bath and Beyond so we decided to stop by their employment trailer and apply. Or rather, Amy did while I waited in the car.

She got it! To start off it is only a two week temporary thing to stock the store, but after that they’ll be hiring permanent workers and those who help stock are first in line. Amy should be a sure thing, but please keep it in your prayers.

Yeah! Go Amy!


bigsip said...


Y'all will have more income soon, my friend.

We're still praying and hoping for you both to get into the jobs you desire and fit!

mullinz8 said...

best of luck pal, A friend of mine had a job at Starbucks inside of Bass Pro Shop and was making, at least he said he was making almost 40K a year. Then again this same guy just got canned.

Aside from dealing with all the kids I think working at a Fast Food place could be fun, I loved working at Baskin Robbins.

Diana said...
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Diana said...

That's awesome. From what I hear BB&B is a great place to work. Just stay away from that beyond section....
Lot's of folks get them and my store confused. I can't tell you how many times I've had folks try to pay with a BB&B giftcard.