Monday, September 18, 2006

For All You Lost Lovers

Apparently at the end of some Lost game it plays a "secret" video from the Hanso corporation. Look out for some interesting details about the famous number sequence, and some general background information on the Hanso corporation itself.

Way cool. October can't come fast enough for season 3.


kellieja said...

Nothing gets me more excited than numbers and mathematical certainty.

bigsip said...

Lost is cool.

Didn't know there was a game.

Brewster said...

Kellie all I can say is


and that's for certain.

The game is the lost experience and it is a very virtual kind of thing. If you watched last season you noticed some weierd Hanso corporation commercials. The first one gave a phone number which if you called led you to a website that gave all kinds of cryptic clues.

More commercials, more websites and so on giving more background on the characters and mythology to the show.

Lost is totally multimedia. Which drives me nuts because I'm very much a watch the show kind of guy.

But they have really used other medias availalble to sell the show and to sell ads.

bigsip said...

I hate numbers, but I really enjoy Lost.

4,8,15,16,23,42...are those the numbers?

They drive me nuts.

I've gone about as deep as you can into the Hanso websites. There's a guy I work with who has helped me ferret out most of the stuff.

I think the show is revolutionary, but I don't watch much TV, so what do I know?

Jamison said...

7 is a number... it is true, I learned such at an early age.