Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Everybody Needs the ACPO

If you love to urinate outside. If you love the American Coalition for Peeing Outside. If you want the Frapr map to gain tons of exposure. Then I have a task for you.

A little bit ago I wrote a little story about the ACPO and posted it to my blog and the Mondo Project. The idea was that the hundred odd folks who read my site and Mondo would read it, laugh and then join the map. It seems to have worked a little bit as the map has grown.

Well that was peanuts.

I have just submitted the story to four of the bigger social bookmarking sites. If you have no idea what that means you can read the wikipedia link there, or I’ll explain briefly. Basically these sites are read by thousands of folks everyday. What they are reading are links to news/culture/whatever stories written elsewhere and posted by members to the one site.

Essentially it is a one stop shopping approach to reading current web stories. Now the readers of these sites have the opportunity to vote for each story. The more positive votes a story gets the closer it gets to the front page of these sites. The closer to the front page the more people will read the story and vote for it.

It’s a democratic way to read the news.

Here’s where I need you. Tons of articles are submitted each day. Most of them get buried somewhere in the bottom. However, if I can get a few votes for my story then more folks will read it and then hopefully go to the Frapr map and place themselves on it.

Voting is super easy. You will have to sign up at these sites which takes like a minute and then vote for the article, which takes less time. It’s a slight hasstle so it is your choice, but could literally mean thousands of folks signing up.

The links are at the bottom. When you try to vote it will take you to some little sign up page. Just do it and in a minute you’ll be able to vote.

Many thanks.

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Ryan F. said...


kellieja said...


bigsip said...

Did the one for Netscape...first site was down...other two I might try later.

Pretty cool, man!

Brewster said...

Over a hundred folks have read my blog post and we've already got a new member to the Frapr!

Jamison said...

If you have not read Brews article on the ACPO that he is linked to, PLEASE DO IT! It is hilarious.

Jamison said...

frankly i am a bit miffed that one of my best mates, Sip, is not yet a member of the ACPO frappr map, yet he has the tenacity to put a bumper sticker on his truck

bigsip said...

I went there and added myself. At least, I thought I did. I'm not a fan of the Crapper map, anyway...

We all show our support in different ways...I proudly support ACPO by actually sticking a bumper sticker to my vehicle, not sticking it onto a magnet that gets stolen by some old woman who's pissed-off (pun intended)...