Monday, August 07, 2006

Troubling Times

The job is off for a slow, painful death. We know equivocally that we are not renewing the building’s lease in December. That would be such bad news if the only thing really keeping us here is the switchover of accounts from our office to another. The other office will have to get staffed up and the tech guys have to create new queues for our accounts to transfer to the right place.

Worst case scenario is two weeks and we’ll close. Best case looks like the end of September. Word is still out on me, who technically reports to Indianapolis, but I see no reason that they’ll keep me around.

But as my mom says, “When it rains, it pours.” Or as my dad says, “It’s always something.”

Today, driving home for lunch, just inside my apartment complex, my gear shifter goes kaput. I drive a five gear manual shifter, and the shifter popped out and then went completely loose. I couldn’t put it back into gear as there was seemingly no gear to put it into, if that makes sense.

So, Amy drove me to work and I’ve spent this afternoon finding a mechanic who will fix me. Of course it will be expensive. Of course we’re trying to save money due to the pending loss of income.

I truly believe God will take care of us. I know things will work out. Getting there is proving to be very stressful.


bigsip said...

Yep, it's always somethng, my friend and probably always will be.

We've been praying for y'all, though. Take comfort in that.

Have you started scoping some other jobs? Do they have severence? Can you get unemployment?

Let us know if we can help!

Brewster said...

I have definitely started looking elsewhere. We're trying to figure out our options. Ultimately we were staying in Bloomington an additonal year so that Amy could take a couple of classes to get a minor. I also liked my job and made decent money so staying a little longer seemed a good idea.

Now with the job dying we may not be able to afford for amy to take those classes so we're thinking about splitting. We thought long and hard about China, but she wouldn't be able to do her research over there.

We think we'll have her apply to different universities on the off chance that somebody is desperate since most will already have their hires for the fall semester.

I will definitely get unemployment. Not sure about sevrence.

bigsip said...

You'll probably have the easiest time staying in your current area.

Heck, you might even look into magazines and papers, man! You could use your copy writing creds and you web pub creds.

They might help more now than ever!

Beef up the resume with the composite victories and make it shine.

mullinz8 said...

You would be foolish to not hit the local rags looking for something where your obvious to everyone else talents can be better utilized.

If you’re going to try China go for it. Go somewhere else for that matter. Your sister is there and that’s a wonderful connection but what would you do realistically? I would recommend that before you head out of the country Amy finishes with her core degree as a minimum requirement.

What do I know..?

Just because someone needs to say it, “sometimes life’s a bitch…” I know God is looking out for you but perspective from the sunny side of the street is difficult to come by when his plans aren’t as obvious and everything is against you.

I’ll keep you in my prayers brother.

bigsip said...

Man, every time I see this post, I think of "Troublesome Times".

Now I have this going through my head:

Troublesome times are here,
Filling Brew's heart with fear.
The job he holds so dear,
Now is at stake.

Sorry, Brew. It'll probably be stuck in everyone elses head now, too.

Brewster said...

The core degree is done for Amy but she still has to write a dissertation which would be impossible from china. Maybe in a few years though.

We're really pretty open right now. I just talked to one of the major players who recently left here and she's going to write me a letter of recomendation and put my name and resume out there.

I'm definitely looking at writing gigs. I wouldn't want to do regular newspaper reporting because it pays crap, but I am applying at the paper for a more marketing copy type position.

And thanks Sip, that song will play forever in my head. Although the true lyrics are rather comforting.

kellieja said...

Humbling your hearts to God
Saves from the unemployment rod
Seek the way pilgrims trod
Brewster awake

Thanks josh!

bigsip said...

Yes, Brew!

PR jobs are good and pay decent. Use every connection, resume bullet, and anything else in your arsenal possible to go on to bigger and better things, my friend!

Jamison said...

Kelli, had you said "BrewsterS awake" i would have laughed more...

Kelli is going to Disney world FYI.

Brew, I know you expect me to give you job hunting tips, etc... but Ive done that a million times. (Americans job bank is the best, i swear to you)

I dont know what to tell you other than what others have said. Worst case you can live in our house, but we just went down to basic cable... and if I find one glass of water sitting around half full, Ill kick you out. But we have a tent and a big back yard you can live in.

Yes, i pray for you every morning, dont mean to sound unsympathedic