Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm Fired

I get my walking papers tomorrow. The company is treating me right with a very nice severance package, nearly four months worth of pay and back PTO. So, I will have a little time to find something that pays well and that I will like.

We are definitely willing to relocate, so if any of you guys know of good jobs, let us know. This is especially true of good teaching jobs. Amy would prefer to teach French at university, but is willing to do high school work as well. She can also teach English courses.

I’d love a gig in the writing world, but can fall back on my management skills if need be.

Keep praying. I know God will bless, but the getting there can be very stressful.

Sorry this is a poor blog, I would have done an e-mail, but I don’t have everybody’s e-mail address here.


mullinz8 said...

Dang Brew that officially sucks. If nothing else at least you’re going to have the extra cash to live off of for a little while.

I guess I would ask what is more important Amy staying around the university or you finding a gig that’s going to pay you well enough. From there I suppose you can determine how realistic it is to move. I guess I’d check out Universities and newspapers and magazines.

I know there are other publications out there but if you don’t at least email some of the folks posted above I’m not going to speak to you again.

Around east TN alone there are a half dozen local, monthly magazines that come out that are just about this region. I would contact any of those publications as well. At this point the doors have swung wide and throwing your self out there is worth it.

tnmommieof2 said...

MOVE TO OAK RIDGE!!! The high school here is fabulous.

With the severance pay can you still claim unemployment??

bigsip said...

We'll try our best to find y'all a lead, Brew.

We'll keep praying, too!

Brewster said...

We're still hashing out our plans. Ultimately we can move anywhere in the states. We'd prefer to have a place close to a good university with a language department. But ultimately she can interlibrary loan for what she needs.

Dude, Rolling Stones sucks. Who'd write for them but hacks.

If Oak Ridge will hire my wife, I'm there. Still trying to figure out the unemployment. Word on the street is that I can't collect until the sevrence is up. HOwever, I can get another job and still collect sevrence. That would be sweet.

Jamison said...

My advice... don't get comfortable with that 4 months pay.

Mentally, you may get used to not working and getting paid and the coziness of that could be dangerous.

I shall pray for you my friend.

bigsip said...

Jamison's right. It's a delicate balance. Don't rush the job, but don't let it hang too long.

Rachel's gonna try to call the folks we know today about a possible position here. Maybe something will come of it!

Brewster said...

Believe me, I won't get too comfortable. I'm going to enjoy tomorrow and do nothing. After that its hitting the streets.

I've actually got some connections in several places and I'm hitting them up pretty hard.

Charles I'll get my resume to you later today.

Jamison said...

Sip, I know it is a long shot, but I dont suppose Anteon has anything Brew could use? With you and my wife there he could prob get anything open...Dont most managers manage people that know more than them? If brew knows nothing about software programming he may have a spot...

joking, but you never know. Unfortunately, school starts tomorrow, so all teaching spots were filled months ago here...

bigsip said...

I don't know of anything here right now. We're General Dynamics now, btw, for anyone who cares.

The only thing I can think of would be a tech writer position, but I don't think any of those are open at the moment.

I'll check around and see.

bigsip said...

OK, I checked and all we have right now is a position for Functional Analyst II, which is one level under my job which is Functional Analyst III.

It requires a good bit of writing and some knowledge of computer applications, databases, etc.

I'm sure Brew could catch on, but it would certainly alter his career trajectory.

The pay/benefits would be good, though!

It's for Larissa's project, though, so you'd be better off discussing it with her if you think it might be an option.

I can tell you it's not too bad of a job. Like I said, lots of writing. I sometimes write 200-400 pages of stuff in a month.

Anyway, there you are.

tnmommieof2 said...

brew i've been crusing the college websites around here and so far the only thing i've found is a prof. in english needed at pellisippi state comm. college. i will check UT, just haven't made it to their website yet..

but i am pullin for tennessee!

bigsip said...

I just called the couple from whom we bought our house.

He is a language prof (French, I think) at AUM and she teaches high school French at Montgomery Academy (a private school in Mtgy).

Anyway, I left them a message and will hopefully hear back from them this evening. They should know if there are any openings in this area.

But, with school just starting, it's tough to know if they'll be able to take new teachers right away.

We'll keep trying, though!

tnmommieof2 said...

UT knox has a position in the lang. dept in french, but you must have your Phd, or attain it by aug of could still have amy check the posting though...did she get her doctrate?? i can't remember

Brewster said...

Thanks everybody. Jamison can you have larissa drop me a line or give the details of the position sip mentioned? sounds interesting. Not sure if I'm really qualified, but wouldn't hurt to look into it more. I can send her a resume if that would help.

Charlie said...

Hey, Brew. Sorry to take so long to get this to you, but I hope you're doing okay. I pray that this loss will result in a better job, hopefully something you can enjoy.