Monday, July 17, 2006

shaa eh it

Words are funny. Some are offensive and some are positive. I think it’s a bit odd that one little four letter word can distract an entire industry and country of people from more pressing matters.

Recently our loving and kind president George W. Bush included a vulgar and repulsive euphemism to his conversation with the Prime Minister of jollie olde England Tony Blair.

The Middle East is in a crisis and liberal and conservative annalists along with everyone else in the world is talking about how bad this could get and the 2nd most news worthy topic of discussion is the fact that in a semi-private, yet poorly timed conversation (based on reading the transcript) W said the word “shit”…

Over the weekend did anyone else notice the globe has slipped into 3rd grade? What is wrong with this? There is the religious argument that because the guy rode the crest of the Christian right to the White House twice that he should be beyond such foul language and carry the mantle of Christian verbiage and discussion every second. There is the moral argument that tags along with the Christian train. Still there is the intellectual position that such a learned man shouldn’t have to rely of such base and crude words to get his point across. Leader: He’s the head of a country and shouldn’t set such an example. Emotional: he shouldn’t let his vocabulary be effected by his emotions. Properness: This was neither the time nor the place for such vulgarity.

Then again, shit is just a word. With everything else that’s going on in the word I’m disappointed that the media is wrapping its self around W’s use of a single shit. Perhaps he’s right or wrong about what he said in context to the word and that’s too shitty to deal with realistically? Perhaps he was being recorded without knowledge and the fact that shit could, ironically, be against the law needs to be glossed over? Perhaps the shit is truly irrelevant and someone has an ax to grind. Perhaps it’s different when 100 people on cable TV in an hour versus one President at a meeting?

Perhaps the word is used by children, adults, men, women, conservative, liberal, agnostic and religious folks just the same? Perhaps the word is just a word and holds no social relevance what so ever? Perhaps this is much ado about nothing? Perhaps this is a double standard? Just remember that if you ever become president it’s ok to receive extramarital oral sex in the White House so long as you don’t use dirty words in public.


mullinz8 said...

I tried to post an image but it's not working.

I'm at work so I can't really call IS for help.

Brewster said...

This would be post worthy if you only had an image.

bigsip said...

Mullins, I'm offended.

You used the word "perhaps" WAY too many times. Please go remove all references to "perhaps" and replace them with new synonyms or rewrite the entire blog...


mullinz8 said...

In this case I’d let you find a pic. Honestly the machine isn’t letting me attach an image with my posts. I had a nice one of W spray painted to the inside of a toilet.

mullinz8 said...

Sipper, perhaps your shit out of luck.

Perhaps that's tought shit.

Perhaps I don't give a shit?

Cripes, when your mother meets me someday she's going to slap me in the fact.

Jamison said...

Hmmm, I am looking forward to talking with Mullins again... For some reason, I too have mentally disected this whole "cursing" thing. I mean, is it bad to curse around other people who know you well and who won't be offended? There is a brand name of clothing called fucko. is it a bad word because 4 letters in the word are the same four letters in a bad word?

FYI, I stopped watching the news about 6 months ago and rarely listen to talk radio anymore. I really don't care anymore about what is happeneing in the world. Good and informative news is great, but people dying and bombs exploding do me no good. So, Jamison is officially off news.

Brewster said...

I found a picture for you.

Who cares if the president curses? There are so many more important things to worry about than whether or not the pres said something off color.

Although I'm not sure how you can say it's ok for a president to have extramarital sex since Clinton got impeached for that little dalliance.

mullinz8 said...

I love the pic by the way.

I’m surprised that no one has anything to say about the potty mouth of George Bush. I hope this proves the point that it really isn’t an issue.

Clinton is still a hero for getting his knob polished in the White House. He lost his job, that’s it! I didn’t hear any conservative or liberal politicians raking the guy over the coals when all this happened. They were sad and distressed that this could happen and that’s it. The disappointment of someone who doesn’t matter to you isn’t much of a punishment if you ask me.

In a decade there are going to be posters of Clinton with a wide smile sitting behind the Oval Office desk with the phrase “head of state” across the top. True I think that’s a funny idea and I might be printing the posters but it’s say something about the country at large.