Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Stressful

It is 11 PM. I’m sitting in a hotel room in St Louis, Missouri. I can look out my window and see the Cardinal’s stadium. I could throw a stone and hit the Gateway Arch. The city skyline at night is beautiful. Tomorrow we will wander what is downtown St Louis in search of fine foods and fantastic fun. In the evening we will approach the arch for a free Lyle Lovett concert.

It is my fourth wedding anniversary

It is almost exactly one year since we left France.

All hell is breaking loose at work.

For the past six months or so my company has been moving in the direction of “customer care.” Essentially this meant that we were going to go above and beyond your typical credit card. We were going to be about educating the cardholder on how credit works, on how to manage their finances, on how to be an awesome cardholder.

Last week two of the major movers of that direction quit, due to upper management deciding to take some different routes and essentially hired an old-school collections advisor.

Word on the street is that the company is about to sink.

I’m sitting in a brand new position. A position in which perfectly capable people performed without the title for many a year. Can you say not a necessary position?

My boss assures me that the President of the company does not want to go down the road of singular lay offs. If we sink then we all sink. I’m not sure if that is reassuring or not.

Facts are that we have money saved up. Even unemployed we’ll manage for several months. With unemployment benefits we’ll manage a little longer. I don’t really get worked up about these things because I know they are out of my hands.

Please do pray for this. I’m not sure what the specifics should be other than that me and Amy will have shelter for our heads and food in our bellies.


kellieja said...

My thoughts are always with you.

Happy anniversary. That is something to be proud of, seriously.

bigsip said...

Yes, a happy anniversary to you both, Brew.

I've been in that position. We, too, had money saved up which helped us to pay two mortgages for around 6 months until we sold our other house. We'll pray. God works. Easy as that.

Love you very much. Try not to let worry spoil your celebration. Tell Lyle we all said, "Hi!"

Brewster said...

Come on Kellie, think of something else once in awhile. Ya know think of ice cream, then chocolate then me. I need a break once in awhile.

Thanks, really.

I'm not really all that worried. If it happens then I'll stand in the unemployment line and find something else

bigsip said...

I think if you do need to find something else, you should try to stick with writing copy.

Use this resume bullet, my friend. Tell them about the professional writing talents of Mat Brewster.

I think you could get a good foothold somewhere with your experience and talent.

Just try to stay positive, my friend.

kellieja said...

Ice cream and chocolate are greatly over rated. Especially the chocolate. Mat is never over rated.

Jamison said...

The good: Free Lyle Lovett tix.
The bad: Hemeroids.
The stressful: Job uncertainty.

Brew... when has God not hooked you up? Let you down? Or left you hangin'?

kermitgrn said...

You're in good hands. Maybe not where you work but from above. Here's my advice if you care to have it. Otherwise ignore. If you really think it's going to sink, start looking now it never hurts. And hey, what if by chance you get a better job offer and the company doesn't sink? I could think of worse things. Oh, and be sure to put your blogcritic site and that you've been linked by the official Bruce Hornsby site on your resume. It will get attention.

Jamison said...

I said Id never job hunt again, btu I catch myself doing it right now. I'm not unhappy with my job, I just want a fresh place to live now. Who knows, probably nothing will come of it. I spent 3 years in Montgomery trying to get a job in Chattanooga to no avail.

bigsip said...

I don't know what it is about job hunting out of state. I was very fortunate to get this job. Of course, I still attribute a great deal of that to Larisssa being here and pulling for me.

All in all, though, God pulled it out.

tnmommieof2 said...

I will keep you in my thoughts my dear friend brewster...and has it been 4 years already??? that's
amazing. it will be 7 for us on aug 7...

oh and i heard from matt on wedsneday of last week. hes doin fine but looking forward to being home. it cost him $5 a min to call me on the satalitte phone HHI
took with them. i go to nash. to
pick him up on thursday!!!

bigsip said...

Glad to hear he's well!

I can't wait to hear about his trip!

Brewster said...

four years indeed. hard to believe, but they've been very good years

Brewster said...

Things are getting worse. Talked to the manager of the office here and he thinks it will be a matter of days.

Called my boss in Indy and she isn't any more hopeful.

bigsip said...

Oy, start looking now, my friend.

If you need people to help tweak your resume, pray, etc., we're here.

God be with you!

bigsip said...

Any word, Brew?

I've prayed for you, my friend.

Keep praying and hoping.

Brewster said...

The word is bad. They are definitely shutting down this office. Best case is end of september, worst in two weeks.

I don't think there is a chance in this world that I'll make it. They are cutting too many strings for budgetary reasons and my position is easily disposed of.

bigsip said...

Have you started looking for anything, yet?

Hit the job sites, network through friends and family and church folks.

I just said another prayer for you. I know how you feel, man.