Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bon Anniversaire

(Sung to the tune of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band)
It was thirty years ago today
Sgt. Braly was born so gay
His mom and his dad were so merry
Even then his face was hairy

At Faulkner he was the BMOC
Outside is where he liked to pee
So let me introduce to you
A man who’s never had the flu

Jamison Ashley Braly
He’s Jamison Ashley Braly
We hope you do enjoy your day
He’s Jamison Ashley Braly
Sit back and watch us play

Oh, the memories we’ve shared
Hunting panthers upon a dare

You’ve been such a lovely friend to us
We wish you 40 or more years
40 or more years

I don’t want to stop this song
But it’s already getting to long
So let me just stop and say
Happy Happy Birthday

You’re Jamison Ashley Braly
And this, my friend, is your day.

Happy 30th Jamison!


Jamison said...

Thus far, the best gift I have gotten. Thanks Brew... It is right up there with "Posin' like the Braly man" Which, by the way, I would love to have the lyrics.

bigsip said...

Excellent, Brew! Happy b-day, Jamison!!!

Ryan F. said...

Happy B-day my man. I'm right behind you coming up on the big 3-0!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday to Jamison!
Happy Un-Birthday to the rest of you!

kellieja said...

May all your Birthday Wishes come true!!

bigsip said...

Kellie...that was weird and funny...bravo!

kellieja said...

Leave it to me Josh to supply the weird :)

Jamison said...

I love it, though I am not the Monroe fan I once was, I still appreciate your efforts! Love you!

tnmommieof2 said...

That was quite possibly the funniest thing I have read in a long time...hope you had a great day Jamison!

Oh, and big 3-0 is coming in you have plenty of time to compose my song.

Jamison said...

ok, i wore a shirt today I have never worn but have had for a year. Mother in law gave it to me, it is a great shirt, but the occations to wear it rarely occur (Youll see why tonight Sip).

Then, I noticed my wife got me 3 gifts. Katz on dvd, the office (UK ) on dvd, and a cool shirt.

Then I got a $20 chappys gift card from the Middle School Faculty, then a few random emails wisahing me well.

Then I called Mullins, sang "I got my mind set on you" then said some curse words for shock value, and it made him laugh.

Then, I got lunch bought by Ryan. Then, I came back to work and on a whim, went to Fun Zone and climbed the rock wall a few times... my brother called me earlier and told me to do something juvenille today. If you havent climbed that wall, it is a work out and requires much concentration.

Prob gonna buy a happy meal before church.

Brewster said...

Not exactly perfect with the tune, but nobody ever said I was musical.

I wish I had the "posin'" lyrics. I had it on the hard drive, but that was like three computers ago. I thought I copied it to a floppy, but I've searched and searched for it to no avail.

Sounds like your day was much better than my lousy 30th.
Happy day again.

Jamison said...

my only objection to the song is that you assume I will live to the age of 70... I know you say "40 or more years" But how about "60 or more years?"

Jamison said...

my only objection to the song is that you assume I will live to the age of 70... I know you say "40 or more years" But how about "60 or more years?"

bigsip said...

I hope Jesus comes today and we have no more years here...

But, if the world endures for 100 more years, I hope we all enjoy many of them in health, prosperity, and contentment.

mullinz8 said...

Brew it was a fine little ditty, your muse was singing on key.

Jamison it sounds like you had a right nice b-day topped off with a Happy Meal, what could be better… Rhetorical, of course.

kermitgrn said...

PaRTy TimE! Happy Birthday. BY the way. I'm not dead...just overworked right now. I'm reading, just not posting right now.

bigsip said...


Glad you're not dead, Chuck!