Monday, July 17, 2006

Important News

I'm having some water. It's a little warm in my office.


bigsip said...

No worries. I found the perfect pic, so it's cool!

Brewster said...

Oh no. Now you've made it professional blog worthy, I only means this as a personal post.


bigsip said...

Wait a minute...

You have your own office now?!?!?!

This is a big deal! Tell us about your new digs, Mr. Big Whig!

Brewster said...

It’s kind of a funny story. Awhile back my friend Tim was promoted to recovery manager. He was moved into our copy room. The copier and fax machine were moved out into the hallway to make it an actual office, of sorts. Problem is this office connects with our dialer room which is where the network servers, office supplies and miscellaneous garbage is held. People need in there all the time so there is a constant stampede through Tim’s office.

Tim was recently promoted again to collection’s manager. This means he needs to get out of his hole and more towards where all the collectors are. At first they were going to throw him into a cube, but management finally decided that wasn’t too nice. So, they are giving him the director of collections office and then she is moving up to an office at the front of the building.

However, she doesn’t want to move until we bring in some new cubicles and get new carpet (all remodeling jobs being done in the next few weeks). Also the front office is currently a visitor office, so that when big whigs come in they have a place to do some work. With the current plan visitors will have to go to the old copy room/Tim’s office.

Me? They don’t know what to do with me. I’m currently sharing space with Tim in the copy room. Except that because he is a manager with lots of folks reporting to him his office is constantly busy and distracting. I can never get any work done. So, I generally wind up moving to the front office when we don’t have visitors.

Now, when the director moves to the front office allowing Tim to move to hers, I’m not sure what will happen to me. Hopefully I’ll stay in the back office and just have a roommate when visitors come. If the big whig visitors disapprove I may find myself on the floor in a little cubicle.

In the Indy office (where I spent half of my time) I have a big giant cube. It’s one of those cubes with 7 foot high walls and nearly as big as a normal office.

So, yeah I guess I’ve moved up, but its not as glamorous as it sounds.

Oh, and obviously I have more time to check this blog during the day. My new job duties are way more relaxed than my old ones. Part of my job is surfing the web. My boss asked me the other day when I went home, guessing 4:30. I felt a little sheepish when I replied that I actually put in 8 hours and left at 5

I'm thinking about coming in early, working through lunch and going home way early though

bigsip said...

This is turning into quite a post.

Cool stuff, Brew!

Congrats on the office.

I share a big one with a window! But, we're about to have to move across the hall to a big one without a window :(. Such is life.

mullinz8 said...

I have no windows.

Way to move up and around the office Brew. See your little blog resulted in a good story and one that makes us feel proud of you. I wonder how many other people out there could be going through the same inner office flux and post a message in reciprocation?

Jamison said...

In this situation, the picture takes away form the Brew-esque-ness of the post, and sort of ruins the humor of it to me.