Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Got Linked

Bruce Hornsby - IntersectionsI believe everyone knows I write reviews and essays for blogcritics. It’s a cool gig because it gives me lots of exposure to readers I’d never get with my blog. It’s also a cool place to hang out, meet folks and get the latest scoop on just about anything. I rarely go anywhere else because they cover the latest news and talk about the newest movies, books and music.

One of the cooler benefits of being a writer for blogcritics is that I get my pick of free review material. I’ve received free CDs, DVDs, and concert tickets. Recently I received a copy of the new Bruce Hornsby box set, Intersections (Read my review here)

My review is one of the first online reviews of the set out there. It is already on the top of google searches for the set, has been included in the highly popular fan site bruuuce.com and now has been linked by Bruce himself on his official site.

How cool is that?


bigsip said...


That's actually quite impressive. Looks like all that hard wowrk is paying off, man.

You need to start keeping a list of "clips" for things like this. IIf you ever decide to submit reviews to an ezine or magazine you can use stuff like this as resume food.

Bulk up your writing credits however you can, man. They'll only help you later!

I'm very proud of you, Brew!

Jamison said...

on a cool scale from 1 to 10 (1 being boring and 10 being very cool) i rate this info a 10

bigsip said...

Couldn't find your review on bruuuce.com

Your review is right on top on his official page, though!!!


I read and liked it. A couple of little grammatical/puncuation flubs, but very well-written, my friend!

This is a perfect clip to keep, especially with provenance like the link on his official site!

bigsip said...

I also liked how you included Juliana in there.

I'm sure she's honored.

Brewster said...

Thanks. I had forgotten the Juliana mention. Can you give me the specifics of the little grammar mistakes. I really do proof these things, but editing my own stuff is fairly problematic in that regard.

Brewster said...

Oh and the bruuuce.com link is there, he just doesn't specifically mention my name so its easy to miss.

kellieja said...

I am proud of you!

bigsip said...

1. “Are they saying ‘Bruce’ or ‘boo?” Juliana asked.

You missed the second single quote after 'boo'.

2. “I for one,am shouting ‘Bruce.’

should be: “I, for one,am shouting ‘Bruce.’

3. Especially during such a hot version of ‘The Way It Is!’”

This is a fragment and should be combined wiwth the previous sentence.

4. With the release of the new boxed set, “Intersections Bruce Hornsby...

Not sure why there is an open quote before an italicized word. Typo, I'd imagine.

5. Whatever the reason, we are still left with a tremendous collections of songs...

Should be "tremendous collections" or "a tremendous collection"

Well, this is it. It's really not huge stuff. Do you usually type it in Word first for grammar/apelling checks?

Either way, the article was good and read well. I'm proud of you. A few little mistakes don't hurt too much.

bigsip said...

BTW, Brew.

If you ever need a second pair of eyes before you post something or just need an opinion, feel free to email me.

I pride myself on being a pretty decent editor and you're my good friend. Never fear, though. I love your style and would only comment on the little details.

You write very well, my friend.

Brewster said...

Thanks sip. I do write in Word and have the spell/grammar check on. But of course it won't find everything. I also reread all my stuff but since that's problematic because my eyes often see what I think I wrote versus what I actually put on the page.

Blogcritics has its own set of editors who go through each post before putting it on the site, but for my blog its just me. So, I may take you up on that offer soon.

bigsip said...

Cool, anytime, man...

We're having a baby really soon, so I may or may not be able to provide some time for editing, but I'll do my best.

I'll leave it open, though.

I really think you deserve some great kudos for getting your name out there. You've really perservered and I know how hard that can be, especially in the blogosphere.

kermitgrn said...

That's totally cool. I wish you many more links my friend. Links liike that are bound to get more stuff sent your way by blogcritics too.

tnmommieof2 said...

tee hee hee...i'm so cool to be
in brew's review...honest, call me a dork, but it makes me feel kinda special..thanks brew....oh and good
review by the way..

bigsip said...

Yeah, Juliana's famous!

You should include an homage to a friend every now and then.

I'd like for my homage to appear in your review of Boogie Nights.

I'll never forget seeing Dr. Morris there and me telling him we were going to see it.

I think Brew was mortified.

Brewster said...

Glad you liked it Jules. Happy to mention you too.

Boogie nights was great. Neither of us knew what to say.

mullinz8 said...

So I’m fresh off a 30 plus hour flight from Zambia and have greeted my wife and sons and figuring out where to get something to eat. I ask Jules how the guys are and her first comment is “Brew mentioned me in one of his reviews!!!”

It’s an excellent review my friend.

My first Bruce concert was in Knoxville around 1990, maybe. It was a free show and some time right after a stint with the Dead. It was the first time I heard Ramble On Rose and it was wonderful! He did his chart toppers with everyone singing along and dancing on the river front for almost three hours.

It was a great time and the beginning of a love of his music that I still carry very closely to my heart to this day.