Thursday, July 20, 2006

Point me at the sky!

Friday I’m getting my gear and prepping for my little excursion.

Sunday evening, July 23rd at 6pm I should be on the first leg of my trip to Kalomo, Zambia in the African continent. Nashville>Chicago> London> Johannesburg> Livingston. Almost 24 hours in the air one way. From Livingston the group with Healing Hands International and I will drive to Kalomo where we will spend the next week.

As you guys know I’m going to be shooting the work of HHI in this area. When I return to the states I’m going to be cutting a series of videos for HHI to use as fund raising and awareness pieces.

While there I know that I’m going on a safari and seeing one of the worlds largest water falls, Victoria Falls. I could also be seeing some very serious situations where people are literally starving to death. I don’t know that I’m going to be seeing any of HHI’s medical missions but this could always change while there. The one thing I’m sure of is that I have no idea what to expect.

I don’t know that I’ll have much or any access to email and the web but if I do I’ll be checking my NON-scripps, off-shore account.

As you could guess I’m pretty excited. While I’m away I’ll ask you all to pray for Jules, Isaac and Caleb. I could breakdown right now thinking about how much I’m going to miss them. I feel that God has blessed this opportunity and I have no real apprehension towards the trip and work its self. Having always been something of a fatalist my prayers are with them first and always.

Aug 2nd I’ll begin the trip back home arriving in Nashville around 5:30 on Aug 3rd.

I’ll talk with you soon.

I love you.


Jamison said...

God speed my friend. I love you, my brother. Be safe, take pics, and come home soon. I will pray for you.

bigsip said...

I love you and your family, Matt. We'll pray for all of you.

Be safe and don't get lost in the jungle and get eaten or anything!

Brewster said...

Aweseome. Have fun. You have a digital camera right? I want to see lots of picks.