Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Shanghai Cafe

I created a new blog for my China adventures. After much deliberation I finally decided on the fairly lame name of The Shanghai Cafe. It seemed fitting as it is both where I am living and a nod to the old cafe.

It is a little sparse right no, obviously and won't be updated to much until we get internet in our home. But feel free to read and comment.

PS if the link doesn't work properly just click on my name and you'll find the blog. I'm working on a barely working connection and the site isn't pulling up for me at all.


Jamison said...

So can we safely assume that:

a) you have an internet connection and access to a PC

b) (more importantly) you arrived safely...?

bigsip said...

excellent, Brew!

looking fwd to the new anecdotes.

IUBaller said...

Hey. Cool blog. Check out my Indiana Hoosiers sports blog at:

Go Hoosiers!

lilsip said...

Ack! We've been contaminated!