Saturday, August 04, 2007


Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing for a woman to share with her infant. This, however, is just wrong.


Jamison said...

creepy to watch and to see and to think about... at the same time, if they were black ethipian tribes-folk, we wouldn;t think anything of it..

...Still, a 7 year old? Gosh.

Mat Brewster said...

I took the liberty of embedding the video. And yeah, that's kind of freaky.

Mat Brewster said...

actually if they were tribe folks I still think it would be freaky. It aint the breast feeding that's weird, it is the age.

Anybody have any thoughts on public breast feeding?

Ryan F. said...

Several thoughts came to mind while watching this:

Lesbians in the making

Let me guess...they're also homeschooled

Did I hear in the prayer, "Thanks for the tit"?

I wonder if Dad still breast feeds as well?

Diana said...

Public breastfeeding: more power to any woman who does it. I feel that it is her right. It makes everyone around her uncomfortable, but it is her right. The closest thing I've come to public breastfeeding is under a blanket in the nursery at church, and even then I'm nervous.

Thank you for embedding it, Mat, and also for adding labels.

X-orter said...

Really it may just be an "American" thing to be repulsed by this kind of behavior. If you read through the story of Samuel in 1 Samuel, you note that Samuel was a boy when Hannah finally weaned him. Though we don't know how old he was, he had to have been old enough to be of service to Eli.

Then again, I doubt that Hannah just popped one out whenever Samuel asked her. I think there is definitely a time and place to everything.

As a preacher, though, I have been witness to occasions on which a "bold" woman has breastfed her baby under a blanket as I was preaching. Honestly, it doesn't bother me anymore. I just had to get over the initial shock.

Tammy said...

I am sorry but that, in my opinion, is wrong. I think it is more selfish of the mother to allow this to go on for so long only because she gets enjoyment out of it. Seriously, is there really a NEED to continue breastfeeding for that long? I see that the daughters enjoy it but that is only because that is the only thing they have ever known, they don't need it though. She is giving those kids major issues to deal with when they get older. I am all for breastfeeding. Even in public if necessary but cover up. I also don't think women should be forced with the issue. I watched some news show last week that one city was taking away formula in hospitals so that the new mothers would have to breastfeed. That is also wrong seeing as how we are a free country and women should be able to choose but that opens a different can of beans all together. Just some thoughts and I am still creeped out by it. Ew.

Mat Brewster said...

You are welcome, Di.

I've heard some moms get militant over the blanket issue too. Like when it is hot they don't want their kid to be sweating while they are feeding.

I read an article once where a mom got kicked off a plane because she refused to put a blanket over her kid.

Discretion is good, but so is allowing your child to eat no matter what.

Some people are way too hung up on nipples.

I'll agree with Tammy on the mothers ought to be allowed to choose formula over the breast milk if they like. Though why they would like beyond physical problems in beyond me.

Jamison said...

For those who care (I know Brew won;t) but Elizabeth Wakefield (Of Brian and Elizabeth Wakefiled) has a blog. Hers is pretty much text book. It is what a blog should be. I think she updates it almost daily and has loads of pics on it. For a woman with 3 kids, it is a grandparents dream come true... how she has the time to do it between home schooling, I will never know...

mullinz8 said...

Those kids are too old. My mother sold a house to a woman who was still feeding her son at five. This was years ago when the only thing I was really thinking was if I might be able to see a boob. Still at that age I recognized it was strange.

In other parts of the world, well less than our appreciation for a modern world breast feeding is a non issue. I think it should stay that way.