Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't Hold Your Breath

I love my refrigerator. It's actually not as nice as the one in this picture here, but I'm not picky. I like my refrigerator so much that we brought it to Alabama when we moved from Georgia. And that's when we broke it.

Fortunately, we only broke my favorite-but-pretty-much-unnecessary feature, the in-door water & ice dispenser. For some reason, after we installed the refrigerator in our new home, getting a glass of water also necessitated wiping up a puddle of water from behind the fridge. So, we stopped using the water part. Goodbye, cold, filtered water. You will be missed.

So eventually I decided we should take a look at the leaky plastic tube to see how bad the damage was. We took off the front grill, wiggled the tube a bit, and lo-and-behold, it was simply loose from its fitting. Yay! We have cold filtered water again!

So now we get to the ice part of the equation. It works, to be totally honest. Always has. But it's not completely reliable. See, I have this quirk. Well, I have a lot of quirks, but let's stay focused here. I hold my breath while I'm waiting for that first kerplunk of ice into my glass. And this has become a problem, because sometimes that fridge just won't give up any ice. None. It does its grindy-groany thing, and even teases me with a little falling ice chip sound occasionally, but leaves me with an empty cup and unhappy lungs for great stretches of seconds at a time. I eventually give up and breathe. And then I really humble myself by opening the freezer door, reaching in, and actually physically gathering the ice myself! The humanity!

Well, at least I've thought of a new function for my fancy in-door ice maker. As often as it actually gives out ice, I'm thinking it would make a great slot machine.


Jamison said...

a very amusing post, it reminds me of 3 things about me...

If the battery in the TV remote go bad, it will still change channels, but very slowly, meaning, oyu have to press the buttons a few times to get it to change. So rather than getting up, going to the battery recharger, and putting new ones in, sometimes I will stand up, walk to the TV, and press the remote buttons to change the channel. Exerting more energy than I would if I had just changed the batteries.

On the holding your breath, I count when I pee. It is a habit I started in middle school to see what the longest pee I could record. I still do it to this day, even if it is a short session. "one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand..." FYI my longest pee was one minute and 45 seconds, and yes I count the trickle.

thridly, on the easy fix of your water. I had an issue like this at work (in a way). We have two major campus's that used to be conencted via a wireless antenna. The antenna was unreliable, slow, and during a storm would seemingly be fried. The two campus's used to be connected via fiber optic cable. But when I started working here 7 years ago, I was told new constructtion pulled up the fiber and the connection was impossible. Running new fiber would cost 5 to 6,000 bucks. I finally got desperate and needed someone to come out and run me fiber fast as my campuses were not connected. After some research, we found an underground pipe that went in on my end of campus in the theatre and out on the other end near a 3rd grade glass.... and fiber was already there. All I had to do was hook up a $100 fiber transiever on each end and their cost to come out was $150. 7 years of problems was solved in 2 hours and for $400.

Diana said...

Why I love Rachel Sipper: Ladies and Gentleman exhibit A.