Monday, August 13, 2007

Crossing over

The wife, myself, and the boy went to Chattanooga this weekend. No problems that would be considered unusual for travels with a 6 week old occurred. In fact, the drive up took only 30 minutes more than usual. The drive back, however, took a good 3 hours longer.

Being that we were so close to Knoxville, I would have considered it a crime to not at least invite the Mullins family to have dinner with my wife and I Saturday night. Being that we had grandparents to babysit our son, we figured we would go on a date.

I won't lie that at first, I was hoping the Mullins' would find a sitter for their boys. I wanted a little adult time. However, plans didn't pan out like I had hoped. Thankfully!

They came to my folks' home and took a look at Tyler. But only after Issac had peed in my parents front yard. The boys were with them and on their best male-Mullins-behavior. Afterwards, we all went to the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Not much to do there but look at real life trains that are no longer in use. Some fun restaurants there, including one that had singing waiters. But entertainment aside, the menu looked like any Ryans Steakhouse menu and wasn't anything special.

So I asked a gift store employee of some local favorites and he pointed me towards the Aquarium where there was a fine assortment of restaurants, including the one we ate at; Easy Seafood (Chefs nick name is Easy). The wait was 15 minutes, so we walked a block to the aquarium where there is a wide assortment of fountains, pools, and waterfalls that kids typically play in. One look at this from the Mullins boys and that's all she wrote. With their mother saying "don't get your shorts wet!" it seemed to only dare each of them to see how close they could get without getting water on their shorts to the point where Caleb was simply running straight through the fountain.
10 or 15 minutes later we go back to Easy and are seated. The food was great. Not a place I will make a bee-line to go to each time I go to Chattanooga, but if I have kids with me, i will. VERY kid friendly. Chalkboards, goldfish snacks for the kids, etc...

Afterwards, we found this huge waterfall of steps that loads of kids and families were cooling themselves off in. My brother takes his daughter here often. The kids loved it, to the point where my wife was telling me to take off my shoes and run down the stair of water to get Caleb before he hurts himself as he ran down these stairs without fear.

The night ended appropriately... as Larissa and I were leaving the parking deck, we passed the Mullins only to see their youngest completely naked by the car and loving every minute of it.

All in all I was very happy to have had their boys with us. Caleb is a hoot. He purposely will not look at a camera when you take his photo, which had me laughing alot. I have crossed over I think... from a childless guy who prefers to be with my friends without their kids around, to a parent who doesn't mind it so much anymore.


bigsip said...

beautiful! very lovely post, my friend.

mullinz8 said...

WHOO-HOO!!!!!!! i can check the blog at work now!! although i have to use "quota time" i don't care! i'm just thrilled to get to check in with youse guyse!

Jamison, the last paragraph in this post made me cry. I loves ya and you and your wife are very special to me!!

This is Jules btw!!

Jamison said...

Well, not to sound super sappy, but I have realized that all of my friend's kids are literally MY FRIENDS, biologically and mentally in many ways. So if I enjoy hanging with Matt and Jules, it only stands to reason I would enjoy the company of their kids!

mullinz8 said...

Jamison it does stand to reason you might like our kids, until they hit puberty that is. But you are of course our kid’s friends too. We talk about you to them like you are friends and all the gang cycles through our screen saver at home so the boys recognize ya’ll.

I mean didn’t you notice how the kids attached themselves to you and Larissa? We could have left you with them all night and they wouldn’t have minded a bit. Provided you made them pancakes on Saturday morning they may not have even noticed.

Plus you’re not a grumpy old person. You talk to the kids and interact with them with a certain amount of respect. You’re not condescending so they are going to be cool with you.

Having kids gives you a different perspective on things and seeing little kids suddenly become a fun experience. Getting them to put their shoes on in the morning can be a pain in the butt but getting to your destination is a thrill a minute!

You’ll see.

Diana said...

Yay! Fun times!

For those who don't know, Charlie and I are officially going to Alabama over Labor Day weekend.

Jamison said...

Bring your AC... over 100 degrees for 11 straight days with no rain. Cant wait to see all 3 of you-uns!

Diana said...

Hey. I read your email. Sounds like fun. Jeanette has already said she'd like to baby sit one night, so that sounds like fun.

Jamison said...

well either way is cool, but the more I thought about it, the more I figured I would rather spend MORE time with my pals from out of town, we will see. I am still wary about leaving Tyler with my in laws even though I know he is super safe and will be fine with them...

Diana said...

Either way! We definatly need to have one major get together, though! (I CAN'T WAIT!!!!)