Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shut Up Sea Cow

Most of you will remember this bit from Dr. Katz. I've never actually seen the guy in person, so it's funny to see him out of squigglevision. Still. Hilarious.


Jamison said...

"Ricki I cant get laid"
"Uh yeah, I got a question for the sea pig"
:Um, thats sea cow"
"Whu-devah! You cant get laid cuz you aint got a job!"
"I live in the ocean"
"Your fat, you need da go on weightwatchers!"
"I have a layer of bluber to keep me warm!"
"Whu-devah, talk to da hand!"

from memory, so forgive the inaccuracy of that bit. I do remember it made Brew and I laugh to no end.

Jamison said...

it sucks that comedy central sucks so bad these days. I can skip channels on my TV. I skip channels like religious stations, shop at home, MTV, etc... things ill never watch. These saves tiem when channel surfing.. comedy central got the skip ages ago.

mmullinz8 said...

I’ve yet to see anything really funny on Comedy Central. Sometimes some sort of programming fluke will allow me to hit the channel and get a slight chuckle.

It’s just not there. There is so much funny material that’s out there. I wish they would have a classic comedy show where they could revisit old comic standards from Carlin and Pryor to Hackett and Foxx. That stuff would kill. I know that there would have to be tons of stuff bleeped out but showing that over something that’s supposed to hip and offensive like C. Mencia just because that’s what people think they want would rock.

Brewster said...

I used to regularly watch the Daily Show, but I haven't seen it in a long while. That's not necessarily a slight to the show, I just keep forgetting when it is on. Can't say I really miss it though.

Sometimes they have ok movies. Mostly they have really dumb comics.

bigsip said...

hey, i start work monday. just thought i'd let y'll know.

i have never really cared for cc, btw.

mullinz8 said...

Congrats Sipper. I know that you’ll do great telling those folks what they should know.

Comedy Central would be better if they just lived up to their name.