Friday, January 05, 2007

It's alive. It's alive... It's Alive!!!

Well it seems all I needed was a little time away and to reread Brews amazingly simple instructions, again… Luckily I was able to let Isaac walk me through the steps and here I am.

It’s been a while and I hope everyone is doing great. The blog has been a bit slow so perhaps we should do some catching up.

I guess I’ll start. WBIR is a lot of fun and I’m really enjoying the new gig. I was talking to an old pal at Scripps and telling him that I’ve gotten to experience the weather (one of my simple joys) shoot, edit, create content, and provide for the show. I’m trying to line up shoots at the Grove Park Inn, a monster truck show, an awesome local restaurant, a family therapist and what ever else I think could be interesting.

The wife is wonderful and the kids are too. Caleb has given us a little scare recently and begun stuttering. This happens all the time but when two and two were connected that this began after a small dresser fell and hit him on the head while staying the night at his aunts I went into quiet panic mode. He’s fine and the stuttering will pass on its own in time.

We have cable back in our home and I can tell you I really don’t care. I spent over an hour last night flipping channels simple because I haven’t in such a long time. I was bored stiff in the process. In the past I’d watch a DVD or something or do something called reading. I should have opened a book, eventually I went up stairs and did some editing and felt productive again.
There’s the Readers Digest version of my world over the past little while. What are you guy sup to? Sip, how’s the new gig? Brew, anything? Jamison, have you found any more nasty arithmetic? I know that I just came off the MIA list but are Chuck and Stubbs still out there?


midnitcafe said...

Glad you finally learned how to read Mullins.

Golly, I hope Caleb is ok. That's a bit scary.

Jobs still suck. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

Cables addictive. There are actually some really good shows in the prime time (Lost, Office, Studio 60, house) plus the discovery channel is as addictive as crack (try to turn away from their dirty jobs/mythbusters marathons) plus there is always a law and order on.


My suggestion is to get some kind of lockout device to keep you from watching too much. (sorry, I've recently become a tv addict)

Ever read any Neil Gaiman? I just finished Anansi Boys and really enjoyed it. He was the fella who did all the sandman comics, but has since turned to proper fiction and kids books.

Jamison said...

i found that after doing without cable for 3 months, when I got it back, all the channels were FILLEr with commenrcials that seemed never ending.

How is it that we PAY for cable, yet there are ads out the rear? Im fine with the ads, just make cable free for crying out loud.

Love the blog pic. Good movie. Sips wife has never seen it.

Jamison said...

As for me, I just finished "Life of Pi" which Sip let me borrow, it was really good. My wife is fine, may be starting to show a bit. Forgets things easier now, but no major cravings or mood swings. This week has been a hard work week for me. To sum it up my email server is acting a-fool and I see no hope in sight. Which re-establishes my desire to get out of this field of work.

bigsip said...

I haven't started my new job yet, but I peed for them already (just today) and I have already signed the offer letter and all the other hire-on paperwork. It goes in te mail tomorrow.

I'll probably start the end of this week/beginning of next.

I'm extremely excited. I'll essentially be in charge of the training for over 100 people on this contract. I'll develop the curriculum for the respective job fields, organize the training records, train the trainers, and evaluate EVERYONE. I can't wait to get started!

Rachel's doing well. She's still doing some graphics design, retouching, restoration, etc. in her free time (not much of that right now, though).

Luke is speaking and singing better than any two-year-old should. I'm insanely proud of him and Noah.

Noah is FAT. The child would literally eat 24/7 if we let him. He's also very cute and makes the funniest sounds and faces, as most babies do. One day, he'll allow us 6-9 hours of uninterupted sleep.

We're still praying for all of those here in their trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

We'll make sure to say sme special prayers for Caleb, too. From what I remember about stuttering, it is something kids can grow out of and is generally not a mental problem, but a physical issue linked to breathing regulation. James Earl Jones stuttered so badly when he was a kid that he could barely finish a sentence. However, he started singing and learned to regulate his breathing such that he became the great thespian we see today.

In any case, I'm sure he'll come through it very well.

I'll try to blog as much as I can in the midst of many things affecting us at present.

Hope you're all well!