Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ice Storm In Oklahoma

Taken by my father in Choteau, Oklahoma, a few miles from where he lives. They have been covered in a sheet of ice for the last several days. He says the neighbor's kids have been ice skating on their yards. Luckily, they have kept their power on, while many in the area have been without.


mullinz8 said...

Very cool stuff, no pun please, I’m trying to cut back.

What is the history of ice and snow in OK? I really couldn’t say because it’s not my neck of the woods. For some reason I think of it as getting very cold but never amounting to anything like this because typically it seems as though it would be very dry.

Still your folks are lucky to have power if everyone else is going without.

Jamison said...

Gotta love that global warming...err... cooling...?

Not a cold weather fan myself...

Brewster said...

Yeah, no global warming happening no attention to the incredibly warm days we had all before this one ice storm.

My memory of Oklahoma winters in the past is that they got pretty darn cold. We usually got one or two decent snows (meaning 2-5 inches) and plenty of near to just under freezing days. I don't remember anything like this ice storm, but then again my memory is a little shoddy.

bigsip said...

Up until this week it as 75 degrees every day here...Paradise!

Glad your folks are okay, Brew!