Wednesday, January 17, 2007

just the facts ma'am, never mind...

Knoxville is typically not a city where grisly murders take place. Recently the city was rocked by the double murder of a young white couple. Last week one of the suspects was apprehended in KY, later in the week the other was captured by KPD SWAT in a house locally. WBIR was first on the scene to tape the last guy being apprehended. It’s very exciting in the news room when something like this happens, we’ve got people in the mix and reporters trying break the story and everyone gets in a tizzy trying to make sure they get their stories out first.

Anyway one of the reporters had gotten the scoop on how the couple was found. What wasn’t common knowledge until recently was that the guy was badly burned, possibly alive and then shot several times. There is also the idea that since the girl lived for several days after she a) witnessed his murder and b) he witnessed her repeated rape. When the girl was found, she was found bent over, face down in a large trash can. KPD took her to the coroner’s office as she was found. There were signs, from the scene alone that she was subjected to horrible acts of violence prior to her demise. The coroners report confirmed the crime scene.

The subject of this is two fold. First, when something happens all the details are cycled through the newsroom. Part of me loves knowing more that others and then I feel wretched for confirming the despicable facts of some people’s existence. Secondly, I’m glad this place doesn’t release every last detail to the masses.
I don’t know what these guys were on to commit such horrible acts but there are those times when I think it’s just pure evil.


mullinz8 said...

This last line was supposed to be something provoking along the lines of a manifestation of real evil in the world.

Brewster said...

Those types of stories have always fascinated me. How someone ever gets to the point where they can commit such acts is beyond me, yet something I continue to ponder.

Keep it up, my good man. We need the inside scoop.

Jamison said...

that stuff used to fascinate me, but now they just bring my spirit down. Like, I havent touched the Drudgereport in months, probably a year. I dunno. I dont even watch cop shows anymore.

Personally i dont hink I could work in a news room.

Ryan F. said...

Tammy and I went to the Target tonight just down the road from our apartment and as we were going in, a girl came running out of the store with a Target employee chasing her. Before we could walk in with our son, I noticed 2 men fighting on the ground just inside the store. Apparently a guy had tried to steal something (it must have been his girlfriend running out) and he had been caught and wrestled to the ground. The security guard was about 80 years old, and had 2 guys trying to hold the dude down as he handcuffed him. He got one on him and after wrestling with the guy for a couple of minutes, the guy got away and ran out of the store right by us.

I didn't want to go in with my wife and especially my child with me. We stood outside over to the side and just watched. I wanted to tackle the guy as he ran out the store, but again, when you have a wife and kid standing right there, it's better to let the guy go then to risk harm to myself or my family. Crazy world. I hope they catch the piece of trash. He can't be too hard to spot, he's the one running around with a handcuff on one hand.

bigsip said...

Wow...crazy stuf, man. I've been watching stuff about mas-murder/suicide on The History Channel recently. I think it's all about power and a felt need to control to begin with. Then, it gets worse. Awful.

mullinz8 said...

Ryan, have you never seen Spider-Man. That guy could do something really awful, because you let him go I have to warn you that there is a really good chance you’re going to be bitten by some sort of radioactive creature which will thrust you into a life of awesome superpowers and super responsibility.

Had you laid an elbow into the guy you could have saved yourself the radiation sickness.

Sorry dude.