Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dream: Baseball With The Mob

I was playing baseall with against the mob. Actually, I was the son of a mob guy, and was part of the business, I just wasn’t made yet. And that’s the way it was, the sons and underlings of the made guys against the real deal.

It was a tough game too. We were neck and neck the whole time.

For some reason, the made guys had a little kid as their catcher. He was like 13 years old, and not very good. So, I was enlisted to stand behind him and make sure the game ran smoothly – catch anything he missed, keep the ball rolling quickly so the game would keep going, but since I was on the opposite team, it was understood I would not be making any fast throw to get somebody out.

Bottom of the ninth, we were up by one. The made guys are up, this time I’m really catcher. There’s the pitch and somebody tries to steal third. I grab the ball and throw it fast to third and….whoof…it just keeps going. There isn’t a third baseman. I look around and see all of my players not doing anything.

It is then I realize we are making the made guys win. They are in the mob you know, and if they lose, they might get made. Mob guys mad is bad. Very bad.

Game over and we’re all headed out t a meeting. My real dad walks by, and he is one of the top mob gus. He’s helping all these really old mob guys into their cars and asking the “boss” if he wants to go with him.

At this point I think I begin to wake up, so the dream sort of swirls and moves quickly. I remember there was a moment where I was explaining to dad that I didn’t want to be in the mob. And another one talking with my fellow sons of the mob about not being willing to kill.


Jamison said...

Ive had a similar mob dream in my past. Robert DiNero was the head dude and he worked at a car garage. I took my car to get fixed and he asked if I wanted to join the mob. I said sure and he gave me a hooker and said I had to "do it" with her to get in. Oddly enough "doing it" involved nothing more than picking trash up around the garage. After "doing it" with her, i went to pick my car up and he hugged me like i was his son, welcoming me in. I said "Thanks, but I dont think this is for me... how much do I owe you?" Robery got that typical pissed off look combined with sorrow and told me "$1,000". I know he upped the cost because i pissed him off, but i was happy to get out of there.

(Most info below comes from a dream symbols site)
To dream that you are a member of a mafia, suggests that you are allowing others to manipulate you. Or you are using your power against others. In your dream, since you are against them, signifies that maybe you feel someone is manipulating you, or youve been manipulated. Perhaps potential employers?

To dream that you come in contact with the mafia, indicates that you are experiencing some inner conflict and turmoil.

To dream that you are playing a game of baseball, denotes your need to set goals and achieve them. It is time for you to stop goofing around and set your sights for the long term (Your job situation perhaps?). Consider how baseball is often used as an analogy to sexual foreplay as in getting to first, second, or third base on a date. Baseball can have sexual innuendos where the masculine aspects is depicted by the bat and the feminine aspects is depicted in the form of the ball or the ballpark.

Brewster said...

I think at the beginning of the game it was just a professional ball game. Somewhere in the middle they became gangsters, I think.

I have been thinking a bit lately about my religion and what would happen if I left it. Not that I plan to, mind you, it's just that there is a feeling of being stuck in it. Like my parent's are christians, and my in-laws are christians, and my wife. So if I left I'd be breaking a lot of hearts.

I have also set up some goals for myself. Just general type stuff in my time off. I made a little schedule so that I'll keep the house clean, look for work and do some writing. Short term goals I know, but that has also made me think more in the long term of what to do with myself.

mmullinz8 said...

I think you’re worried that your dad is in the mob. Those types like the construction bid’nes. You pasta swilling, garlic smelling goombah.

mmullinz8 said...

Start writing about your faith…

Following Jamison’s thoughts perhaps you’re thinking the church is some sort of structured organization and it’s conflicting with something else deep down.

mmullinz8 said...

Here is a thought for you. This Sunday’s lesson was roughly about God’s blessings and such. You do your part and he’ll do his. I was sitting there alone, Mom took Caleb home, Isaac was in Children’s church and Jules went with a friend to a bridal show (at the c.o.C approved early dismissal time, post supper) Anyway I sat there and watched a couple named Jennifer and Len Hart sit awkwardly by each other, her having caught him shagging some “sweet young thing”. They have been down that path a number of times and she’s again gone back to him.

What I thought about was how we’re all listening to this guy talk about God’s blessings and what happens when some people are trying to do their best to “do their part” and someone else is heaping all this awful stuff onto their spouse. The biggest part of it was the idea of feeling like this wasn’t connecting to real issues in the world.

I think someday we’ll change congregations and when we do I think I’ll look for someone who is a preacher and a psychologist so there might be a bit more application. I’m not looking for some faith-lite I want the real stuff but application is important. Poor Jen has been dealing with real infidelity for years and all she’s getting is inapplicable fluff.

Brewster said...

If dad is in the mob, I wish he'd let me know. I'd love to join

The religion thing is a little bigger than I wanted to discuss in these comments. A great deal of it is the realization this is what I grew up in and the realization that it is the religion I'll die with.

Preaching has to be a tough gig. You've got old members who need real meat, young members who need the baics, the lost who really need the basics and all types in between. And you are expected to deliver to everyone in about a 30 minute speech.

Brewster said...

Oh, I should have said a thirty minute speech, or a bunch of star wars and wizard of oz clips...knowing mullins church.

Jamison said...

he tossed NASCAR in there one sunday when we were there.

As for the religion, youve seen me bust out and ask all the crazy questions and stuff... it helps.

I dunno whats happened to me, but im back where I used to be; active in church, enjoying going to events at church, taking to folks more, etc and it feels great. It is almost like I needed that little mind-vacation from church (Note, i never left, physically) and when I came back it was very prodical-son-esque.

Brewster said...

Things are getting better here. We've been going to the preachers house after wednesday night service for food and fun.

We've also become really good friends with the only other person our age.

It is amazing how our relationships with other people in the church effect our relationship with God. That's probably another full post worth right there, but I think it is something a lot of folks misunderstand. Yes, we should be able to walk alone. But it is very difficult to do.